Hilaria Baldwin professes love for Alec following Rust interview

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Hilaria Baldwin is standing by her man.

“‘I am here, I love you, and I will take care of you.’ These were the only words that came to me when we learned Halyna had died,” Hilaria, 37, began a lengthy Instagram post reflecting on their relationship since husband Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the New Mexico set of new film, “Rust.”

The note accompanied a photo of the couple kissing on their wedding day.

“I remember saying that phrase over and over again,” she continued. “The horrific loss, the torture to her family, and you, my husband, somehow put in this unthinkable nightmare. That moment, etched in my memory, photographers surrounding you, on the phone with me, documenting your agony. I couldn’t be near you to hug you, our connection over the phone, a visual for the world to see.”

The mother of six went on to detail her concern over Alec sitting down for an interview regarding the tragedy.

“I was afraid for you to open up because I’ve seen your spirit crushed, your mental health shattered, your soul in unimaginable pain. Sometimes I wonder how much one body, one mind can take. I don’t want to lose you.”

Ultimately, however, she is happy her hubby is attempting to share his truth, something she, herself, finds difficult when under pressure.

“Alec, we are messy, unfiltered, and wear our hearts, naked, on our sleeves—this makes us targets and we are so sensitive that to hurt us is easy,” she went on. “As much as I want the pain to go, I can’t imagine being any other way. It just is who we are—and who we are together.

“So I go back to, ‘I am here, I love you, and I’m going to take care of you.’ We honor Halyna and her family. To hopefully figure out how this happened and whatever we can do to make sure it never happens again.

“My Alec,” she went on, “I am here to heal any of your pain that I can. I am not going anywhere. Onward to being Alec and Hilaria, messy, emotions strong, but lots and lots of love—until the very end.”

Since his ABC News interview discussing the incident, Alec has also taken to social media to honor his spouse.

“No matter what happens to me. No matter what I suffer. If I win or lose, anything. Anything. No one can take away from me the joy and love you have given me, @hilariabaldwin,” he shared Friday morning.

“These are tough times. The world is choked with fumes of hate. But you have given me a reason to live. Our life with our family is all I care about. Nothing else. I owe that to you.”

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