Hi Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Today, Mercury and Uranus, the planet of change, harmonize, bringing surprise connections and conversations—the good kind. On Sunday, a Mars/Uranus connection makes you feel more fiery, flirty, and frisky—perfect for asking someone out or starting The Talk. On the same day, Virgo season officially begins, bringing you back down to earth after the party that was Leo season.

On Monday, this serious vibe continues when Venus and Saturn, the planet of structure, connect. This discourages superficial flirting or hookups, but it’s the perfect astro-weather for serious relationship-building experiences. On Tuesday, Mercury and hazy Neptune oppose each other, creating conditions for unclear communication. Delay any important convos until Thursday, when Mercury connects with Pluto and opens the door for major talks that can (constructively!) change your life.

What that means for you:


This weekend = a real dry spell for your love life. As a matter of fact, this whole week isn’t stellar…and thanks to Virgo season turning you into a total busybody, this isn’t changing anytime soon. If you’re single, don’t expect many new connections, but if you’re coupled up or dating someone, this could actually be a pretty productive time. If you’re looking to turn your crush into your S.O. or your boo into your fiancé, Venus and Saturn’s connection makes Monday the day to shoot your shot!


Ooh la la! You’re feeling fired up and frisky, and lucky you, the stars are sending all the hotties your way! This weekend might start off slow as you wake up from the month-long cat nap that is Leo season, but when the Sun enters Virgo on Sunday, you’re ready to go! This is a great week to decide exactly who/what you want in your love life, be bold, and go out and get it. If you’re single, watch out for Tuesday. The Mercury/Neptune opposition is a red flag for people playing games, so keep an eye out for players!


This is a weekend for release. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s a lot of unfinished business from past relationships dragging you down. This is your chance to dive deep, revisit the past, draw positive lessons where you can, and move on. The rest of the week is great astro-weather for getting your love life back on track, engaging with your partner, and taking your love life seriously. Things are moving slowly this week, Gemini, but remember that good things come to those who wait!


This week’s for all the single Cancers out there! If you’re looking for love, this is absolutely the week to cast a wide net. Start swiping on dating apps, go out of your way to introduce yourself to that hottie at the bar, or just send some friendly snaps to your crush. I know—you’re shy, you don’t like to put yourself out there, but take a leap of faith! Introduce something (or someone) new to your love life. Start spicing shit up!


Unfortunately, Leo season is drawing to a close this weekend, and life’s getting back to normal. I know, I know. With all of this hardworking Virgoan energy in the stars rn, focusing on your love life isn’t easy—especially if you’re single. If you’re happily taken, then take note of the stars on Monday, when Venus and Saturn connect. This energy isn’t super sexy, but it is great for upgrading and strengthening relationships. If you’re single, you might want to sit this week out, especially if you’re looking for a hookup—the Neptune/Mercury mess on Tuesday makes it so that catching feelings for your fling is basically guaranteed.


Happy Virgo season!!! From the jump, this Virgo season wants you to make the world your oyster. What (or who) do you want most? How can you make it happen? Do what you’re best at this weekend and make a plan, then this week (Thursday’s your best bet) go for it. Hit up your crush, ask someone out, just do something! There’s a ton of progress to be made in your love life, but you need to initiate something before your love life can get the glow up it needs.


I hate to be the one to say it, but this week just ain’t it for your love life, Libra. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes action going on regarding an ex—maybe you’re hooking up with an ex, or maybe you’re not even aware that they’re around, stirring shit up! Here’s the thing: They’re your ex for a reason. Even if their motives seem nice now, this astro-weather is suggesting otherwise. Virgo season is a time of completion, and the ending of many cycles for you. This is your opportunity to find closure so you can finally leave the past in the past, and confidently move forward with your love life.


How do you feel about FWBs? If someone in the squad is looking sexy, this is a great time for hooking up. You tend to take things soooo damn seriously, but try to loosen up and enjoy a few flirtationships! There’s tons of fun to be had with this week’s astro-weather, but there’s one minor issue on Tuesday, when Mercury and Neptune connect. You need to make sure you’re being 100% transparent about your intentions with other people—if you’re strictly interested in casual hookups, tell them! If you start developing feelings for them, tell them! Openness is a must this week, otherwise unnecessary confusion, heartbreak, and miscommunications can really rain on your parade.


Enjoy the final weekend of Leo season while you can, because once Virgo season starts on Sunday, all of the fun, frisky vibes are replaced by strict, serious ones. When it comes to your love life, there’s a certain “status” you’re looking for now. This might mean going from taken to single, or it could mean upgrading a current relationship into something more serious—whatever’s right for you.


As Mercury and Mars connect with Uranus this weekend, two zones of your chart are being activated—the zone of newness, and the zone of romance, sex, and fun! Make your love life an adventure this week, Capricorn. Buy some toys, slip into some sexy lingerie, or maybe even try out role playing in bed! Your sex life could use some novelty, so any little thing to shake things up is 110% the move. Have fun!


You’re an air sign, so emotions? Not really your thing. But this week, they’re about to become your thing, because one of the deepest, most emotional parts of your chart, the eighth house, is being activated—and it lasts for alllll of Virgo season. This is an erotic, intimate week. It’s superlative if you’re boo’d up with someone, and it’s still loads of fun if you’re single—but catching feelings is almost a guarantee!


Virgo season = cuffing season for your sign, Pisces, so your love life is definitely heating up this week! People are absolutely loving your bubbly personality right now, and you’re feeling like a real babe magnet. Have fun, fool around, and flirt as much as you want—but make sure you’re not sending mixed signals. It’d be easy to arrange a harem of hotties right now, but you’d be better off using this astro-weather to pick one person and focus on just them. Otherwise, one (or some, or all!) of your paramours might get a little hurt.

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