‘Good fun’ 108-year-old reveals secrets to a long life

The secrets behind the long life of a woman who was born a year before the Titanic set sail have been revealed.

This week Ada Hallworth celebrated her 108th birthday surrounded by three generations of her family, a brass band and a card from Her Majesty the Queen at Bistre Nursing Home in Buckley, North Wales.

She was born on July 25, 1911, three years before WWI broke out and seven years before the first woman was allowed to vote in the UK.

Her son David Hallworth, 72, was there alongside her daughter Jean O'Connor to toast the magnificent milestone, The Daily Post report.

Sadly for those hoping to wing it well into the triple figures fuelled by a diet of excess, Jean claimed her mum's longevity was down to a life of clean living.

"She never drank and never smoked," the 78-year-old said. 

"She's always been a very caring mother – caring with her children, her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren."

Clutching a birthday card from the Queen and a telegram from minister Amber Rudd, Ada was flanked by her youngest great-grandchild Samantha who is 91 years younger than her.

The centurion almost shares a birthday with the teenager, who turns 17 a day after her birthday.

Her oldest grandson Daz Cunliffe said: "She's always been there. Always beautiful – special. She is good fun too."

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