Goggleboxs Jenny and Lees unique living situation and how its now changed

There’s probably not one UK resident that hasn’t been left in stitches by Gogglebox veterans, Jenny and Lee.

The best friends, who met when Jenny was a landlady and Lee was a regular punter, take to our screens every Friday, and have been responsible for some of the best one liners the show has produced.

From the hysterical mug Jenny brought Lee back from her holiday to Benidorm to the hilarious face mask mishap, the pair do so from the comfort of their iconic caravan in Hull.

But while for years, fans just presumed that the BFFs live together, many have been left shocked to learn that the caravan is actually Lee’s, and Jenny just comes round for their filming shifts.

Instead, she lives at home with her husband, Ray, who made the decision to stay out of the spotlight and let his other half shine.

This news hasn’t been taken lightly though – Twitter has gone wild after many OG viewers found out the truth.

"I always assumed it was Jenny's caravan !! Only taken me 15 series’s to realise it’s Lee‘s!! FGS #Gogglebox @leegogglebox," one fan exclaimed as another typed: "Confused is it Lee or Jenny caravan #Gogglebox always thought it was Jenny's.”

There was one point during the show’s 10 year run that the pair temporarily lived together, though. (Yes, that’s right, we’ve been watching people watch telly for fun every Friday for a decade now. Feel old?)

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jenny moved into Lee’s caravan for three months so that filming could continue amid the social distancing/no household mixing rules.

After the quarter of a year stint, Lee took to Twitter to thank fans for their continued support.

“Thanks for watching everyone time for Jenny to see her husband after 3 months with me,” he penned.

"Really going to miss her tho have a great summer everyone. SEE YOU ALL IN SEPTEMBER xx," he concluded.

As well as Lee’s caravan – one of the show’s most memorable locations – the Gogglebox star also owns another property somewhere a little more exotic.

Him and his partner Steve are also the proud owners of a house in Cyprus, and he once treated fans to a glimpse of his home from home.

Including an enviable outdoor pool and a chic living space, Lee often posts snaps of the two living it up in the sunshine on his and Jenny’s shared Instagram account.

Petition to see the hilarious besties watch TV and make us howl from Cyprus for one episode…

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