Giving Things Back To Your Ex After A Breakup Is Awkward, As These 12 Stories Prove

Returning an ex’s stuff can be tough for multiple reasons. One: You probably don’t want to pay a visit to that person post-breakup. Two: You may be feeling a little too petty to be generous at the moment. And three: You might just want to keep all the gifts and belongings left behind by your ex simply because you like them. But as tempting as it can be to keep your ex’s cozy college crewneck, giving things back to your ex after a breakup is sometimes a lot less painful than having an ex-lover’s things hanging around your place.

Just think about it: Do you really want to continue wearing that sterling silver necklace or that oversized sweatshirt knowing that they were given to you (or, worse, actually belonged to) a person who broke your heart? I dove deep into the AskWomen breakup thread on Reddit to find stories from women who actually made the bold decision to return something to their ex and — as painful as it may have been to return something that once meant a lot to them — these women all found the experience to be pretty cathartic. (But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also totally awkward.)

This Heart-Wrenching Reminder


This Reluctant Return


This Rational Reasoning


This Heartbreaking Heirloom


This Dusty Dis


This Painful Present


This Pricey Package


This Broken Promise


This Regretful Gesture


This Stress Reliever


These Not-So-Precious Pearls


This Wise Investment


The more sentimental value you attach to something, the more difficult it might be to let it go. But even if it’s super uncomfortable to actually do, returning something that once belonged to an ex is totally worth the weirdness.

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