Girlfriend earns more than me and I feel insecure

DEAR DEIDRE: THE fact my girlfriend gets paid a lot more than me is making me insecure.

We are both 25 and have been together for five years.

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I was so attracted to her in the first place because she’s ambitious.

When we left university she got on a top banking graduate scheme and I became a primary school teacher.

While she seems to get a promotion every three months, I haven’t had one in two years.

I want to be proud but I’m struggling because I’m not as successful as her.

It’s embarrassing that all our friends and family know she’s the main breadwinner.

I’m aware I’m being unreasonable but I can’t help it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: A job as a teacher is one of the most important in society.

Rather than derive your self-worth from how much you earn, take pride in the contribution you make to our young people.

Hopefully she will reassure you that she loves you for who you are.

Try opening up to your partner, too.

I’m also sending you my support pack, Building Self-esteem.

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