From coffee to pet bills, everyday life hacks that will save you money

With the still rising cost of living, all of us are feeling the pinch.

But fear not, from reusable coffee pods to charities who can help with vet bills and tips on how to check if your batteries really are ready for the bin, here are some excellent everyday hacks which will help you save your pennies.

Although these hacks aren’t going to solve all your problems, they could help in some little way in taking off some financial pressure.

So get rid of those shocks like vet bills and parking tickets, and why not try some reusable coffee pods?

Odd Coffee Company

It’s easy to go on autopilot with something you do every day – like drinking a cup of coffee. But when was the last time you considered the environmental impact of the coffee pods?

Fear not, the Odd Coffee Company repackages rejected pods and surplus coffee in fully recycleable packaging at a fraction of the price.

Customers can purchase rescued coffee directly from the website and can choose from a box of 100 coffee pods for £24.99, a 1kg bag of whole bean coffee for £15.99 or a 1kg bag of ground coffee for £15.99.

Charities for help with vet bills

The nation’s love for dogs, cats and other animals grew in lockdown, with research from the Pet Manufacturers Association showing that 3.2million households acquired a pet during the pandemic.

But when it comes to budgeting for upkeep – including vet fees, food, bedding and toys – many new owners have found the cost of keeping their pet more expensive than expected. And the spiralling cost of living hasn’t helped.

The average pet insurance claim is now a staggering £848, yet millions of cats and dogs are still uninsured, according to the Association Of British Insurers.

These rising vet fees aren’t because practices are being greedy, but due to advances in the availability of treatments.

Need cover but can’t afford it? If you’re on certain benefits, charities such as the PDSA and the Blue Cross can help with emergency vet bills. Find out if you qualify by visiting.

Contest parking tickets

Private operators issue more than 20,000 parking tickets every day across the UK, but there is good news for drivers who unknowingly breach the rules.

Private car park operators in England, Scotland and Wales will no longer be able to issue tickets above £50 in the majority of circumstances, under new rules set out by the Government.

The move will cut the cost of tickets in half and push operators to better display pricing policies and their terms and conditions. The changes will come into effect in 2023, but if you’re keen to contest a ticket that seems unfair in the meantime check out The Grumpy Git.

Watch out for online shopping return fees

Online retailer Boohoo has introduced a £1.99 returns fee, which means shoppers will now be charged to send back unwanted items.

Many customers have complained about the change, saying they used to order items in multiple sizes and then return those that didn’t fit – something they’ll now be charged to do. Boohoo has no physical stores for shoppers to try on clothes or to return them to for free.

The only way to completely avoid the £1.99 returns fee is by signing up to Boohoo Premium, which gives shoppers free returns for a year, as well as free next day delivery, which normally costs non-Premium customers £5.99 per order. Boohoo Premium does cost £12.99 a year, so do the sums carefully first.

If you do take out Boohoo Premium, diarise to review whether you want to keep the service after a year as you’ll then be charged the same £1.99 returns fee as standard shoppers.

Check if your batteries are really dead

A simple test to determine a flat battery from a good one is the dead battery bounce – drop them on the floor, and the flat ones bounce.

This has been met with a degree of scepticism, with many claiming the technique has no scientific basis at all.

However, researchers at Princeton University in the United States have proven it works.

Get free print pictures

If the thought of accidentally wiping all those unprinted photos on your phone fills you with anxiety, the Freeprints app could be just the remedy. It gives you up to 45 free 6×4 prints every month – all you pay is shipping and handling.

Standard postage and packing starts at £1.49 and is never more than £3.99, no matter how many prints you order.

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