Foodie makes Salt Baes £1,450 gold-coated steak at home – and it costs just £65

Salt Bae’s restaurant has been causing a stir ever since it launched in London.

Diners at the meme chef’s steakhouse, Nusr-Et, were left reeling when they were presented with the bill.

Some paid £100 for Golden Burgers, while others splashed out £11 on a Red Bull.

But it’s the £1,450 golden tomahawk steak that’s been causing a lot of the stir online.

The huge slab of meat is covered in gold leaf, which is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive.

But can you replicate it at home without breaking the bank? YouTube and TikTok foodie Harrison Webb gave it a go.

In Harrison video, which has now been seen more than 285,000 times, he makes the controversial dish using a £2 block of President butter, a 60p garlic bulb, a bunch of coriander costing 70p, and a £32.92 cote de boeuf fresh from his local butcher.

He then coats it in two sheets of edible gold costing around £28.

The only discrepancies in the two dishes come via the beef. Salt Bae uses Wagyu and his steak is 2kg, while it's not clear if Webb's was Wagyu, and it was a little smaller at just 1.4kg.

It is, however, highly unlikely that he would have been able to get a Wagyu tomahawk steak that size at his local butcher and they normally cost about £50 per kg, too.

Wagyu beef – which comes from a specially bred Japanese cow – is known for being one of the best kinds of meats on the market, with virtually every top restaurant in the world offering some form of the animal on its menu.

But you could perhaps make it even cheaper than Harrison if you shopped at Aldi, where you can actually buy Wagyu meat.

Salt Bae's newly-opened London restaurant has been at the centre of controversy recently, mainly due to the price of its food food.

The Guardian's top food critic Jay Rayner bought an £8.50 kebab from Fulham's Kebab Kid to eat outside the restaurant in "protest", while Evening Standard restaurant reviewer Jimi Famurewa slammed the food as "categorically bad".

A butcher by trade, Bae, real name Nusret Gokce, rose to prominence a few years ago thanks to videos of him salting food in a unique manner on Instagram.

The Turkish national now owns 17 restaurants.

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