Flavor Fav Struggling To Pay $178,000 In Child Support, Legal Fees

It was just revealed to the public that Flavor Flav is the dad to a 3-year-old boy, but that isn’t the only revelation to come out of the paternity surprise. New reports show that the rapper owes a significant amount in child support and legal fees to his child’s mother.

According to TMZ, legal documents uncovered earlier this month reveal Flav found out he was the father in 2019 shortly after the child’s birth. He shares the toddler with his ex-manager Kate Gammell.

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The legal documents reveal that the co-parents have been disputing about child support. They recently agreed Flav would pay $3,000 per month going forward. But it appears the rapper hasn’t been paying child support up until now, as he still owes tens of thousands of dollars to his child’s mother.

Flav and Kate agreed that he would cover the expenses from the child’s first two years of life, which a court determined to be $78,704. Flav was allowed to pay in installments. However, he failed to make good on the first payment that was due last month.

On top of the child support owed, Flav also owes his child’s mother $100,000 in legal fees.

Flav told TMZ that he’s in the process of paying the money he owes, adding he’s working with an accountant. The rapper has already paid $40,000 of the $100,000 owed for legal fees. He’s also in the process of getting to know his son, Jordan, and has reportedly met him six times.

As per Hollywood Life, while Kate has not spoken about the co-parenting situation as of late, her parents did recently open up to the media.

Barry and Parchi Gammel confirmed that their daughter had a “romantic relationship” with Flav that went on for several years while she was his manager. They claim that Flav denied he was the father of Kate’s child until a paternity test proved otherwise.

However, the maternal grandparents add that Flav has since stepped up, and is motivated to work out custody as well as child support. They also plan to change Jordan’s last name to Drayton (Flav’s legal name).

Kate previously spoke to the press after she filed a paternity suit in 2019. This was the first time she publicly claimed Flav was an absentee parent.

“Jordan is not getting any child support from Flavor, and I needed money for Jordan’s everyday needs,” she told HipHopDx at the time. “So, I decided to pull out the merch and sell it to help my son and give a percentage to Children’s Hospital.”

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