Finnish Streamer Orders Period Female-Driven Drama ‘Bad Apples’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Elisa Viihde, the popular Finnish Svod service behind “All the Sins” and “Shadow Lines,” is developing “Bad Apples,” a daring psychological drama series, with Lagardere Studios Distribution.

The concept for “Bad Apples” was created by Marja Pyykkö (“Hooked,” “Run Sister Run!”) who will also be directed the eight-part show. Fire Monkey Productions (“The Angry Birds Movie 2,” “Black Widows”) is producing the series with Mia Ylönen (“Moscow Noir”) on board to write.

“Bad Apples” is set in 1970’s Finland when women unwilling to conform to society were considered damaged and sent to an asylum on an islolated island for treatment. Away from the world, these women seemed to have found a way to be themselves until a strange rumour started spreading about a secret ward. The series will follow a student activist, Onerva, who is committed to an experimental psychiatric program for women at a 1970s sanatorium.

Anni Wessman, the head of international at Elisa, said “Bad Apples” will be headlined by an interesting cast of strong women, along the lines of “Orange is the New Black” which is a reference for the show. Wessman also mentioned “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” as an inspiration for “Bad Apples.” She said the island depicted in the series is inspired by island of Seili which used to be a place of confinement for lepers and a mental asylum.

Ani Korpela, the head of content at Elisa Viihde, said “Bad Apples” is one of the six or seven ambitious original series that Elisa strives to deliver in Finland every year. Some of Elisa’s recent shows include “Shadow Lines” and All the Sins” which have traveled to most key markets and earned critical praises.

Korpela said the streamer aims to make “premium local series that can resonate globally” rather than English-Language shows.

“Bad Apples” will start shooting next year. Elisa and Lagardere Studios Distribution previously teamed on “Arctic Cirlce,” a gritty crime thriller set in Finland’s Lapland directed by Hannu Salonen.

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