Even Geraldo Rivera Has Turned on Donald Trump

“His actions were inexcusable & undeniable,” the President’s longtime friend announced.

Geraldo Rivera has been an unwavering ally of Donald Trump’s… until now.

The Fox News personality called for the impeachment of the President on Wednesday, branding his actions ahead of the Capitol riots “inexcusable & undeniable”, and demanding an apology to the families of those who lost their lives.

To date the TV host had been vehemently against impeachment, claiming it was pointless with only a few days left in the POTUS’ term, and insisting it would only divide and inflame the nation further. He also blamed Democrats, claiming they had hounded his loyal friend without mercy, intent on destroying him from Day 1.

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But late on Tuesday night, he had a “eureka moment”, in which he realized “my loyalty toward Donald Trump, my old friend, had been misplaced” regarding last Wednesday’s attack.

“#DonaldTrump should be Impeached. He should know history is judging him whether or not he is convicted and removed from office. He should also apologize to the families of those who lost their lives. His actions were inexcusable & undeniable,” he wrote. “This time, he did it.”

He said Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani were complicit in “unleashing snarling, seething, shouting mob that invaded & defaced the Capitol. They must apologize-show contrition for grievous loss of life & pain inflicted. They must reach out to families of dead & beg forgiveness.”

In a telling U-turn, he said that regardless of how the Senate votes on Wednesday, it is “entirely appropriate” Trump be impeached.

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“He knew what mob intended from the jump. #StopTheSteal crowd was raucous & seething. Many were armed-All angry. What the hell did #POTUS think they were going to do?”

He pointed out that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about receiving oral sex in the Oval Office 23 years ago, and “no one drowned in tidal wave of hypocrisy that followed.”

“DonaldTrump 22 years later lit a fuse that exploded in the U.S. Capitol. Unleashed & incited by Trump his mob killed 5, & paralyzed gov’t,” he continued in a series of tweets.

On Wednesday, the House began its vote on impeaching the President on grounds of incitement of insurrection, which would make him the first ever US President to be impeached twice.

The Senate will then vote to convict, which needs a two-thirds majority; while Trump escaped along party lines the last time, GOP party members have been turning their backs in increasing numbers since last Wednesday’s despicable scenes.

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