Easy egg pancake recipe explodes on TikTok – but people are weirded out

A fried egg recipe with a twist has gone viral on TikTok – with people divided about whether it is a game-changer or just a pointless gimmick.

In the clip, uploaded by TikTok user @sunnycuisine, a steady-handed chef demonstrates the cooking trick and pours egg white into a wok using a large ladle.

The egg's yolk is held back in the spoon, while the cook carefully tilts the pan to get an even coverage of pancake-shaped egg white.

After a few seconds of cooking, the chef adds the egg yolk in the middle.

Before it has time to set, the cook picks up a side of the egg white and folds it over the yolk, continuing on each side until it packed up like a parcel.

They then flip it over seam-side down and continue frying it gently.

When the egg has finished cooking and is presented on a plate, it looks a bit like a Chinese dumpling or Italian ravioli, or even a square Polish pierogi.

Unlike traditional ravioli, the neat little "egg pillowcase", as some fans have dubbed it, contains no wheat and it's a mystery how it should be served.

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The video recipe has been watched more than 3 million on TikTok, with many foodies weighing-in on the debate.

One person joked: "Waitress: how would you like your eggs. Me: shows them the video."

"Did you just make an egg into ravioli?" comments a stunned fan.

But some people were disappointed the video did show the egg being cut into, with some viewers saying the oozing egg yolk would have been the money shot.

"The audacity to not cut it open," wrote a viewer.

"I was waiting to see the yolk run out," commented a second person with the angry-face emoji.

Another fan said: "Okay, that looks great, but… are you gonna cut it? Lemme see that yolk girl."

Not everyone was impressed with the trick, with several people commenting that it would be difficult to find a pan that the egg didn't stick to.

Other cooking fans insisted the egg would taste the same as a basic fried egg, no matter how much effort you put into the presentation.

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