Dixie D'Amelio Hangs Up On Noah Beck as Strippers Twerk Him in Bryce Hall Prank

“I don’t want to be the cause of their break up,” said Bryce.

Bryce Hall was up to his old tricks of pranking fellow TikTokers, but this time he may have gone a bit too far.

In the YouTube video “HIS GIRLFRIEND WASNT HAPPY ABOUT THIS…” posted on Wednesday, Bryce reveals his plan to fool Noah Beck, all while keeping Noah’s girlfriend, Dixie D’Amelio, on the phone to witness the cringe-worthy chaos.

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“All right guys. It’s that time of the vlog again —  prank time!” Bryce begins. “Today we’re going to be pranking Noah, mainly Dixie, right? Sorry, Dixie, about this, seriously.”

“So I have two strippers coming over,” he continued. “I’m going to have Noah blindfolded. I’m going to FaceTime Dixie, show her the strippers, get her reaction. Then take the blindfold off of Noah and then see both of the reactions. Dixie’s probably going to be mad. Hence the title. Yeah. I don’t want to be the cause of their break up.”

The camera then cuts to a blindfolded Noah, who is surrounded by the exotic dancers twerking, yet they refrain from touching him.

“I’m having a panic attack, this f—— sucks,” Noah squeals. “If I feel something furry I’m kicking it!”

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With the strippers doing what they do, Bryce gets Dixie on the phone, who instantly looks shocked and disgusted at the display on FaceTime.

And then… click.

“She just hung up!” shouts Bryce. “Immediately!”

The gang gets Dixie back on the line to explain themselves, as Bryce goes first, saying, “Well, that was the prank. I just didn’t want you to be mad at Noah, that was all me.”

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A completely unamused Dixie let’s out a long, “Yeaaaaah,” before Noah tries to diffuse the situation by pleading, “Check the footage, I didn’t even look I swear to god!”

“Ok, bye,” Dixie replies with a certain serious tone before hanging up for the second time.

TikTok fans will be keeping tabs on their favorite stars to see if there is, indeed, any major fallout from the stripper prank gone awry.

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