Did JoJo Siwa Shade Abby Lee Miller With New Movie Trailer?

There’s no question who the villain is this film is.

The trailer for JoJo Siwa’s new film just dropped … and there’s something awfully familiar about the villain.

The 90-second teaser for “The J Team” opens as you’d expect a JoJo Siwa film to: with a truckload of glitter, smiles, happy music, happier dancing, and — of course — bows. But that abruptly stops when the big ol’ meany new dance instructor shows up and puts a end to all the fun.

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Dressed in a recognizable domineering all black, her long brown hair in loose curls, with a pout that would turn milk sour, the bad guy — or gal, rather — makes her ominous entrance. Played by Tisha Campbell, the Abby Lee vibes are strong.

“Cheer up this is gonna be fun — as long as you follow my rules,” she shouts.

Those rules — much to JoJo’s obvious dismay — include no high tops, no pony tails … and “absolutely no bows.”

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Free spirit that she is, JoJo clearly has a hard time adhering, and it’s not long before she’s booted from the team. The A-Team … which incidentally is what Abby Lee called her team on Dance Moms.

Of course, no force in Heaven, Earth or Hell could ever hope to stifle JoJo’s positivity, as she bounces right back and joins “The J-Team.”

“Are you sad that you’re not with the A-Team anymore?” Campbells character deridingly asks her. “No — ’cause now she’s on the J Team!” JoJo’s pal fires back.

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While parent and/or student clashes with the no-nonsense Miller were par for the course on “Dance Moms”, JoJo’s exit from the series in season six was a point of contention. In the episode “JoJo is a No Show,” the then 13-year-old was assigned a ballet duet — far from her specialty — which causes her mother to pull her from the competition, and ultimately, the show altogether.

As legend has it, the real reason she left was because behind the scenes she had signed a contract with Nickelodeon, and wanted out. That ultimately proved to be the correct move, as she became by far the biggest breakout of the show, worth an estimated $14 million at just 18 years of age, and rising.

While JoJo and Abby have always been publicly supportive of each other, rumors of a rift persist to this day … and this trailer may not help. Or so one might think.

In a comment on Siwa’s Instagram share of a shorter version of the trailer, Miller aid she “couldn’t wait” to see the film — and claimed JoJo’s mom had even reached out to ask her to play a role (just not that one.)

“I Cannot wait to see this!” she wrote. “Your mom @jessalynnsiwa called me about playing the role of the ‘dance competition judge’! I wish I could’ve traveled to Canada to shoot this with you… it would’ve been such an honor… another project we had captured on film together – forever!”

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