Dad turns adorable Precious Moments figurines into terrifying monsters

You’ve probably seen them in somebody’s home, perhaps next to sign reading ‘live, laugh, love’. The Precious Moments depict sweet scenes like weddings and christenings, acted out by cherubic stone children.

However, you’ve certainly never seen Precious Moments like this before, as artist Keith Busher has turned the concept on its head.

It all started when he bought a few of the figurines for $10 at a thrift store, and started customising them with his kids as something to do. The designs change the angelic sculptures into ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and horror movie villains, with imagery from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other creepy classics.

From there, Keith’s creations have become more and more gruesome and detailed, and he now sells them online under the moniker Precious Moniker.

He uses epoxy clay and paint to recreate the figurines, taking cute sheep and remaking them into skeleton demons.

The Canadian artist told TODAY Home about his hobby, saying: ‘About seven years, we were a bit house poor.

‘I was looking for an inexpensive hobby to distract our kids from the amount of TV they were watching. We wanted to find something crafty that they could do, so we decided to try and upcycle items into interesting things.’

Although it was initially a way to keep his kids amused, they’ve since lost interest in this spooky upcycling. Keith, however, has certainly not, and now he’s made around 250 of them, and sells them on Etsy and Instagram.

Alongside his ‘real job’ as a welder and carpenter for a theatre set design company, he purchases the pieces second hand and gets to work,

‘I take a look at each piece. They may sit on my shelve for a few months at a time before I am inspired,’ says Keith.

‘It could be the way the character is standing or just the awkward situation they are in; something will click in me.

‘It tends to lean more to the dark (side). I am not 100% sure why, but I have always enjoyed villains and creatures and monsters and mythology.’

Despite this darkness, however, they gruesome figurines are made by Keith to bring joy.

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