Dad ‘stabbed lover and their son to death after she asked him for child support’

A father allegedly stabbed his former lover and their four-month-old son to death after she asked him for child support payments.

Enoch Zarceno-Turner stands accused of torching Heather Cook's home after allegedly killing her and their baby boy, Bentley, in Shelby County, Tennessee, US, on Friday.

Zarceno-Turner, 25, originally asked Ms Cook, 32, to abort the baby when she told him she was pregnant, it is claimed.

Shortly before her death, Ms Cook wrote about their issues on the Single Mums Group Facebook , posting: "So when I got pregnant it was by someone I had just began seeing.

“When I told him I was pregnant he asked me to remedy the situation (his words) and quit talking to me when I wouldn’t.

“Fast forward a few months and I find out he’s had a GF for 6 years and I was the other woman all along.

“Anyway, my son was born 4 1/2 months ago and the father has never even attempted to see him.

“Well I finally filed for child support this month and since he’s not on the birth certificate it’s a mandatory DNA test."

She said her former lover finally got in touch with her after he was served with legal papers.

Ms Cook added that the father could not believe she was asking him for support and felt he did not have to pay for anything as he offered to cover the cost of an abortion.

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