Couple aged in their eighties rack up over 1 million views

Let’s twist again! Couple in their 80s rack up more than 8million views after their daughter films them dancing for TikTok to cheer them up during lockdown

  • Joseph, 88, and Sylvia Dolan, 82, have more than 120,000 TikTok followers
  • Couple who live in Doncaster, Yorkshire, had account set up by their daughter
  • Video of the pair dancing to an Elvis’  song has been viewed 8.4 million times 

An elderly couple with a combined age of 170 have become unlikely social media sensations after their daughter began filming them dancing to cheer them up during lockdown.

Joseph, 88, and Sylvia Dolan, 82, who live in Doncaster, Yorkshire, have taken TikTok by storm with footage dancing both romantically and playfully to classic songs. 

Joseph occasionally has to sit down because of a weak heart and Sylvia might not twist the way she used to because of osteoarthritis and breathing problems caused by COPD, but that doesn’t stop the pair throwing some shapes to their favourite songs.

Their daughter Jackie Broadbent, 60, had the idea to get them moving, when she became concerned they were not getting out and seeing people enough because of the pandemic.

Over 8.4 million people have watched a clip of the couple dancing to Elvis’ song ‘Don’t be cruel’. Pictured: Joseph, Jackie and Sylvia 

In just a couple of weeks, nursing administrator Jackie’s TikTok channel featuring Joseph and Sylvia dancing in their home attracted more than 120,000 followers and amassed more than 1.5million likes.

A video of the couple dancing to Elvis’ song ‘Don’t be cruel’ has been watched more than 8.4 million times. 

Jackie said: ‘They were getting really low during the first lockdown and they were just vegetating sitting there all day unable to go anywhere and barely seeing anyone.

‘I knew I had to do something and they’ve both always loved a dance, so I started playing their favourite songs and got them up moving.

‘It’s been marvellous for them. It has really lifted their spirits and kept them positive.

‘My mum wasn’t talking much, she was just sort of sitting there. Singing and dancing has just kept them going.

Jackie said Sylvia and Joseph (pictured) were getting really low during the first lockdown and she wanted to do something for them 

Joseph, 88, and Sylvia Dolan, 82, (pictured) who live in Doncaster, Yorkshire, have become unlikely social media sensations 

Jackie revealed dancing has helped to lift the couple’s (pictured) spirits, after her mother began not talking much 

Jackie said Joseph and Sylvia (pictured) can’t wait to do another little dance, when she goes to see them 

‘When I go down now, they can’t wait to do another little dance. Mum will say ‘do we have to’ but she’s then straight back up.

‘Dad had filmed a TikTok video with one of his great-granddaughters, Jessica, 13, before all the lockdowns came in and she’d asked me to send one over as she was missing him.

‘That’s where it all started really.’

Retired chef Joseph has always been a showman but wife Sylvia who is a retired tailor for Burtons takes a little more persuasion.

Jackie said: ‘Dad has always been a showman though. We went on a cruise a few years ago and he basically took over.

Jackie said her father has always been a showman and basically took over when they went on a cruise a few years ago. Pictured: Joseph and Sylvia 

Jackie revealed Joseph was up singing karaoke every night and everybody knew him by the end of their holiday. Pictured: Joseph and Sylvia cutting the cake on their 60th wedding anniversary 

The couple (pictured) who are now feeling more positive, have reached countries all over the world with their videos

‘Every night he was up singing karaoke. By the end of the holiday everybody knew him. He came from a big family of singers so it’s obviously in his blood.

‘I keep joking with him that it’s taken him until now to get famous.’

Their channel has seen them reach countries all over the world, and not only has it made the couple more positive, it has also cheered their followers up.

Jackie said: ‘I read them as many messages as possible, I can barely keep up with them. Every time I go down and see them, dad says he’ll sing for them live.

Jackie revealed she can barely keep up with the messages her parent’s (pictured) have received, with some coming from as far away as Australia and Siberia 

‘We’ve had people from all over the world contacting us. As far away as Australia, Siberia, Hawaii, Mexico. It’s been amazing.

‘We’ve had people telling us how much it’s lifted their moods, given them a reason to go to work that day.

‘Mum and dad have absolutely loved all of the comments they’ve been receiving.

‘The reaction to their videos has been overwhelming. The fact we’ve made people’s lives just that little bit better over the last few months has been amazing.’

Jackie said the reactions have been overwhelming and its amazing to make people’s lives that little bit better. Pictured: Sylvia and Joseph 

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