Charli D’Amelio’s Lavish Lifestyle Is On Display In New Trailer For Reality Show

Influencer Charli D’Amelio gave fans a sneak peek into her luxurious life during a new trailer for her upcoming reality show The D’Amelio Show.

The new show is set to premiere on Hulu this year and will follow the social media sensation and her family, including her big sister Dixie D’Amelio as well as her parents Heidi and Marc D’Amelio. At this time, a premiere date hasn’t been set for the highly anticipated show, which was announced in December 2020 as an eight-part series. However, the trailer says it’s “coming soon” to Hulu.

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As of now, the first trailer is the only insight fans have into the gen-z show. The show will largely focus on the relationship between Charli and Dixie. Speaking directly to the camera, Dixie describes the two of them as “best friends” in the trailer. However, she says there are days “we can’t even look at each other.” Dixie added that she feels “very protective of her younger sister,” and wants to help her navigate the ups and downs of adolescence coupled with their newfound fame, E! Online reports.

The show will also seemingly focus on how the D’Amelio family’s life has changed in the past year. As the trailer’s description on YouTube boasts, Charli became one of the biggest celebrities seemingly overnight. At age 16, the teenager managed to amass over 150 million followers on TikTok in less than a year. Her sister Dixie also has an impressive following, with 75 followers on the social media platform. They’re both ranked within the top 10 creators on TikTok and also having booming YouTube channels.

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Scenes showing the D’Amelio family’s lavish house are included throughout the trailer. The description adds that Marc and Heidi D’Amelio are not only having to adjust to their daughters’ newfound fame, but also living in a completely new city; the couple moved their family across the country to L.A. for the sake of their careers. As Dixie works on her music career and Charli focuses on her following, the trailer says the D’Amelio parents must protect their girls from “the dark side of fame,” alluding to the sort of drama fans can expect to see in the Hulu original show.

The 1-minute trailer was posted to Hulu’s YouTube account on May 17th. It’s already racked up 73,000 views as well as over 3,000 likes. However, the comments on the video have been disparaging.

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Some commenters expressed surprise that the D’Amelio family was able to score a reality show so quickly. “Throughout history, there has never been as many people being rewarded for mediocrity as there are now,” one person wrote. Others doubt the show will live to see another season. “If this gets renewed for a second season, I’ll eat my socks,” one comment read.

Other comments made fun of the D’Amelio family’s seeming lack of enthusiasm. “Charli and Dixie look as if they don’t want to do this,” one person wrote. Another commenter added, “[The] family doesn’t seem excited because it’s a reality show so they get to act how they feel.”

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