Catfish shares makeup transformation that makes her look 20 years younger

A woman says she is a "proud catfish" as her flawless makeup skills transform her into a different person altogether.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name @gemluvabeauty, has left her fans stunned with a video showing her before and after makeup.

In the posts she shared, the makeup artist admitted that she loves "catfishing". She shows her bare face on camera with wrinkles, eye bags, grey hair and pigmentation.

Gem then shows what she looks like with makeup on and viewers were left amazed.

The cat-eye look gave Gem an instant facelift and the concealer took a few years off her by covering the wrinkles and imperfections.

While many fans were stunned by the transformation, some attacked her with mean comments about her appearance.

She also hit back at the trolls and said: "Believe in yourself, shine your diamond heart and on my way!"

"You are beautiful with or without makeup. Don't mind what others are saying," a fan wrote.

A second added: "People can be so hateful and petty! You are a beautiful lady with amazing makeup tutorials!"

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Many asked Gem for her secrets to "looking 20 years younger" and she shared her tips on creating flawless skin with simple makeup products.

She said: "Everybody always wonders how I cover my little imperfections.

"Take the primer and apply it on the dark spots, then I'm gonna take this coral eyeshadow colour and dab it on the spots.

"Then put your foundation on your problem area. After you put your first layer, wait two minutes, then you put another layer.

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"Now, you can finish off the rest of your face!"

While Gem showed how makeup can reduce the ageing appearance, a hair stylist has demonstrated how to do the same trick by fixing a pensioner's receding hairline.

Brenda Vickers, 78, had the most incredible "glow up" when hairdresser Rob Wood gave her a "hair system" implanted with real human hair.

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