Cat who has been shelter for half her life is desperate to find a new home

Meet Nyx – she was born just over a year ago and has spent half of that time in a shelter.

Staff at the Belfast branch of Cats Protection can’t understand why she’s been overlooked – and they’re now desperate to find her a forever home.

The black cat with grey and white markings is described as ‘a beautiful girl with bundles of energy’.

Posting on Facebook, the staff appealed for any one suitable to come forward and adopt her.

The post said: ‘Nyx is feeling down in the dumps and turning to me for comfort as she is STILL here! and we just don’t understand why?

‘Firstly, LOOK AT THOSE MARKINGS! She is just beautiful! Secondly, she is ADORABLE! She loves to nestle in your neck, loves to be stroked & will greet you with the loudest chatter! and thirdly, she is SUPER ENTERTAINING! This girl is so full of energy and loves to run around & play! Well, she did…seems as though 6 months in the cattery as really taken its toll on our girl.

‘Nyx is only 1 & has spent half of her life in a pen.’

Nyx needs a special diet but the post added that they are hopeful she could be gradually weaned off this in a new home, and that she has no other health issues.

There are a few requirements for Nyx’s new owners to make sure she is happy and settled.

‘As Nyx is not streetwise we just can’t risk rehoming her to a busy road, but she will definitely need outside access to burn off that energy & to satisfy her youthful curiosity,’ the post added.

Her profile on the Cats Protection website also said that she is best suited to a home with children over the age of 10 and cannot be in a home with other pets.

If you can offer Nyx a home, you can apply through the Cats Protection website.

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