Cardi B & Offset Drenched Kulture In Diamonds For Her 3rd Birthday

Every parent wants the very best for their children, and wants to commemorate every single birthday in a special way, but Offset and Cardi B have just taken little Kulture’s 3- year old birthday to the next level. Their little princess was definitely treated as such. She was dressed in a princess outfit, taken on a very princess-like adventure, and while all of this sounds like an incredible experience already, things went one step further. Her famous mom and dad absolutely drenched their little girl in diamonds. It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but ET Online reports that this youngster just scored more diamonds than the average adult will ever own in their lifetime.

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Celebrity children are often treated to a lavish lifestyle that is well beyond the average child’s standard of living. Yet it’s not often that this many diamonds are gifted to a child.

In a jaw dropping presentation that puts a whole lot of bling on full display, Kulture can be seen gasping with delight at the very expensive, incredibly opulent gifts that both her mother and father treated her two.

Yes, there were two.

Kulture’s 3rd birthday celebration came complete with an adorable pink dress and tutu number that had her looking very much like the little princess her parents perceive her to be. As far as the royal treatment goes, she was definitely the lucky recipient, as her stunning horse and carriage ride was streamed on Instagram for the world to see.

Cardi B Wants fans to know that she does it right, and proceed to post a video of herself as she gifted Kulture with a chain link diamond necklace, complete with 4 oversized charms, one of which being the Chanel symbol. The necklace was thick, and completely encrusted in diamonds, as were each of the 4 dangly charms.

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Then, it was Offset’s turn to impress his little girl with some ice. He proceed to present his daughter with a Richard Mille watch. That’s one of the most expensive watches available for purchase, and of course, Kulture received one that was pink and diamond encrusted. Given the fact that it was perfectly suited to her wrist, chances are it was custom designed specifically for her.

Fans weighed in to this abundance of wealth and over-gifting, by taking to social media to ask if the littler girl was given any toys or dolls to play with. For the moment, Cardi B and Offset seem smitten with Kulture and abundantly proud of their lavish gifting. Cardi B is expecting the couples’ second child, and there’s no telling how these birthday parties will continue to one-up the previous ones.

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