California Mom Stabs Three Children to Death Day Before Handing Over Custody, Father Claims

He’d applied to get her a mental evaluation and tried to get police involved — but said “they wouldn’t help.”

The mom accused of stabbing her three young children to death in California was involved in a bitter custody dispute, it has emerged.

On Saturday the children’s grandmother called police after arriving at their Reseda apartment and finding the three — aged just three, two and six months — brutally murdered, and their mother missing.

Liliana Carrillo, 30, was arrested that same day after leading police on a long distance chase, during which she allegedly carjacked a pick-up truck in Bakersfield.

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The children’s devastated father Erik Denton told the LA Times that she was supposed to hand the children over to him on Sunday.

Per the publication, he had requested a temporary emergency visitation order on March 4, and had petitioned for a mental health evaluation for her. In response, she sought a temporary domestic violence restraining order against him eight days later. Another hearing in the case was scheduled for April 14.

He told the paper he had tried to get local authorities to intervene, but “in L.A. they wouldn’t help. The LAPD would not get involved.”

The crime scene where three-year-old Joanna, two-year-old Terry and six-month-old Sierra were murdered was reportedly so gruesome, some officers needed emergency counseling. “These are the moments we carry throughout our career,” Lieutenant Raul Joel told the Times. “It’s hard to process that as a police officer.”

Joel also said there had bee no prior calls to the Carrillo residence.

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Heartbreaking footage shot by CBS LA on Sunday night showed the bereaved father laying balloons, toys and a bubble machine at a memorial for his slain children.

Noticing he was wearing the very shirt he was wearing in one of the photos with his children, he removed and folded it, and left that too.

Erik’s cousin Dr. Teri Miller told the broadcaster that the family had become concerned for Carrillo after she became mentally unwell after the birth of her second child — and said things only got worse after the arrival of her third, amid reports of new Covid strains.

“She believed that the city they were living in was unsafe and that there was a sex-trafficking ring and that most of the city was involved in it,” she said, adding the mother believed her children were getting pulled into the trafficking ring.

“I mean, we’re completely destroyed,” she added. “Those kids were everything. I mean, his whole being and essence just revolves around those kids. He had his heart set on seeing the kids because he was supposed to pick the kids up today and have them for the week.”

A GoFundMe set up to help the father has raised $27k.

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