Brits banned from buying halogen bulbs with average cost £100 to replace them

You might not have thought about them in a long time, but when your lightbulbs give up the ghost it’s frustrating to have to go and find the right ones.

And, it might become tougher as of next week because Brits will no longer be able to buy halogen bulbs. As part of the government’s plans to go greener the higher energy bulbs will not be sold in stores from October 1.

Instead you’ll now need to get LED lightbulbs which are more energy friendly and last several years longer than halogen or fluorescent.

They also use less power – a massive 80% in fact – and are cheaper to run. Yay!

However, despite costs reducing over recent years LED bulbs are still more expensive to buy. Meaning that if you have a few bulbs pop at once you’ll have to spend a fair bit of change.

The government announced that halogen bulbs would be banned in stores last year and it was planned to go ahead on September 1 2021.

A spokesperson for the department for business, energy and industrial strategy (BEIS), said: "Phasing out inefficient, energy-intensive halogen lightbulbs will cut 1.26 million tonnes of CO2.

"This short one-month delay will ensure these new requirements can be implemented effectively immediately once live."

Fluorescent lights – those annoying ones they use in offices – will also be banned from sale from September 1 2023.

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The widespread change will apply to the sale of all lighting fixtures with bulbs which can’t be replaced meaning that fixtures have to be thrown away.

Luckily, households won’t need to replace all of their bulbs by the deadline and instead can swap their halogen bulbs for LED as they run out.

According to the Sun, the EnergySavingTrust estimates that it would cost a household £100 a year to replace all their bulbs with LED versions. But, the more energy-efficient option will slash energy costs by £40 a year.

So, while you might feel the sting your wallet will thank you over time.

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