‘Britain’s naughtiest dog’ has escaped from his family home over 270 times

A pesky Cocker Spaniel has been dubbed 'Houndini' after escaping from his family home more than 200 times

Hugo, who is now 18-months-old, bites through chicken wire, digs under fences and slips through the smallest of gaps at least three times per week.

His owners, Kelly Coombs, 47, and her husband Bryan, 46, are constantly tracking down their mischievous pooch.

Because Hugo is never left alone for longer than half an hour at a time and he's always found quickly before he gets much further than a few yards from their home.

Kelly, who now works from home most of the time to keep tabs on Hugo, says that not only has he vanished over 200 times, he has also eaten £300 cash.

Several items of clothing, cupboards, skirting boards, pens and homework have also been mauled.

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Despite Hugo's naughty ways, the mum-of-two says they wouldn't change him for the world.

Kelly, a community agent, said: "Hugo has escaped every other day since he was a puppy, which is over 270 times.

"He's so cute but we call him 'Hugo the horror' as he's trying to get up to no good all the time – never trust a quiet spaniel.

"If he isn't planning his great escape he's chewing our clothes or parts of the house.

"Our other Cocker Spaniel, Jinx, is so well behaved and just watches Hugo destroying everything in his sight including eating her bed last week."

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Kelly, who has two sons, has no idea why Hugo is so naughty.

She added: "Hugo has a great life, walked for at least an hour every day and is never left alone as I work from home most of the time.

"We just think he's mischievous because he's so young and enjoys the adventure.

"When he's not being naughty he is the most lovable dog in the world.

"We get a lot of compliments on his unique colouring."

Kelly and her family have now Hugo-proofed their kitchen and ensure no valuable items are left in his reach.

She added: "When he is left alone we have to make sure that nothing is in his reach.

"He's obsessed with zips but thankfully he hasn't yet realised they are on the sofa as that would be an expensive item to replace.

"It's amazing how much he's able to destruct in just 20 minutes while I'm on the school run but it's impossible not to laugh.

"He's never in the dog house for too long but sometimes his mess does take a while to sort.

"We never know what he's going to do next but we keep our eyes on him constantly when he's in the garden to ensure he's not planning his next adventure without us."

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