Bridesmaids quit wedding due to absurd rules – like brides diet suggestion

As weddings are often the biggest day of people’s lives, they are very meticulous about planning.

But one woman was branded a “bridezilla” when she took preparations too far.

Her bridesmaids threatened to pull out of the wedding when she hit them with a strict list of rules.

Many of the women worried about not being able to afford the pricey destination ceremony.

And not only that, they were told they’d have to fork out for expensive bridesmaids dresses, makeup artists and a hotel too.

Another point of contention was the bride suggesting her loved ones go on a diet before the big day, which obviously didn’t go down well.

The bride took to Reddit to ask for advice after being surprised when her pals pulled out of the wedding.

She said: “My requests seemed reasonable at first but then my bridesmaids started backing down one after the other.

“Some of my requests were that since its a destination wedding they'll pay for their own rooms in the same resort hotel my husband, I and our families will stay.

“They're also required to buy their own dresses and find their own hairstylists and makeup artists. Their hair and makeup should be the same on all of them.

“My Maid Of Honour also told them how she's planning the bachelorette party which will be a weekend getaway and how everyone there covers their own costs.

“I also suggested if any of them wants to diet i'll appreciate it but they're not forced to of course. I'm not strict on that request its just a suggestion.”

The bridesmaids requested finding their own dresses, makeup artists and stylists.

They also asked to book cheaper accommodation for the hen do and wedding – but were turned down.

The bride explained: “I said that's not really a good idea because I want all my bridal party on the same place as me at all times.

“They said they'll step down…

“One of them told me that my requests are not possible to fulfil for everyone so I shouldn't take it personally.

“I said those are regular requests any bride makes for her wedding, why am I not allowed to?

“I'm very hurt my bridal party started off with drama because of my requests. Am I the a***hole?”

The Reddit post garnered more than 12,500 upvotes and thousands of comments.

Responders blasted the bride for being so picky about her big day.

One wrote: “You’re the a***hole. Also, ‘if any of them wants to diet I’ll appreciate it’??

“That right there sets the entire tone for whether or not you are being reasonable. I’ll spoil the ending for you: YOU AREN’T.

“Good God eat some humble pie and beg your wedding party for forgiveness before you muck this up any further.”

Another said: “Good luck having a destination wedding without a wedding party.”

A third agreed: “Realising that this is your dream wedding, other people don't have to set themselves on fire to keep you warm.

“If you want a whole entourage everywhere you go, then you need to pay for that. Oh, what is that I hear, you can't afford that? Well now you know how your other bridesmaids feel.”

Others branded her "absurd", "unreasonable" and a "bridezilla".

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