Boy with dairy allergy died after dad accidentally gave him chocolate containing milk

An 11-year-old British boy with a dairy allergy died when his dad gave him a chocolate bar — unaware that it contained milk, a probe revealed this week.

Thomas Pownall of Lancashire handed his son, Raffi, four chunks of chocolate from a Morrisons supermarket June 8, thinking the candy was part of the store’s “free from” collection, which is geared toward people with dietary restrictions, according to The Sun.

The chocolate was specially designed — as gluten-free. It still contained milk powder.

When Raffi started vomiting, his dad checked the label again, only to discover his tragic mistake, according to an inquest at Blackburn Coroner’s Court on Monday.

Pownall desperately gave his son his inhaler and EpiPen before calling for an ambulance — but the boy was pronounced dead early that evening at Royal Blackburn Hospital, the court heard, according to the report.

An autopsy revealed that Raffi died of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy, the outlet reported.

The boy’s dad “genuinely” believed the bar was dairy-free, the court heard.

Coroner Richard Taylor ultimately ruled the case an accidental death, according to the report.

“[Pownall] explained that Raffi had previously vomited on occasions when he’d drank milk and then recovered,” Taylor said. “But this time, he was sick and became hot.

“Mr. Pownall did everything he could to save his son,” the coroner added.

A Morrisons rep told The Sun, “Our deepest sympathies are with Raffi’s family at this difficult time.”

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