Body modification fan with over 100 tattoos and piercings shows off new look

An extreme body modification fan has showed off his new look on social media.

The man, known as Remy, has spent hundreds of hours on his transformation where he's covered his entire body in tattoos.

He boasts over 152,000 followers on Instagram where he shows off his process with fans amazed by his appearance.

Over on YouTube, Remy has around 3,450 subscribers as he also uses the platform to document his journey.

Recently he showed fans what he looked like before his transformation where he had only a few piercings.

Now he's covered almost his entire body in blackwork with a new update to share with fans.

Posting on Instagram over the weekend, Remy wrote: "In the last few months I've downsized my labret from 26-18 mm.

"These photos are roughly a year apart.

"I thought I may have stretched my labret a bit farther than I should have, but it's difficult to say no to yourself about things you love.

"I think the smaller size suits me much better. What do you think?"

As well as reducing the size of his lip piercing, Remy's also debuted a new hairstyle.

In the photo, he can be showing off his new bald look which puts his scalp tattoos on display.

He's currently in the process of getting more work done on his torso which he revealed in a previous YouTube video.

But the only thing that's stopping him right now is that his region in Canada had been in a lockdown so studios have been closed.

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Since he shared the photo on Instagram, the post racked up 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One admitted: "Yes the smaller suits you better," while another fan added: "Very very cool."

A third commented: "I think whatever makes you happiest suits you best!"

While a fourth praised: "Great pic man. The smaller looks more comfortable but it’s what ever you like."

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