Bimbo shares snaps taken before £50k makeover and doesnt recognise herself

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A woman who splashed out a whopping £50,000 on a dramatic plastic surgery makeover has revealed what she looked like before the transformation.

Jessy Bunny – who previously claimed her obsession with looking like a fake blonde bimbo was the fault of her parents – used to look drastically different.

In one photo she shared with Daily Star, the former brunette has the side of her head shaved while her nose and lips have piercings.

It is a huge contrast to her current blonde "Barbie' style and other unrecognisable snaps show her without her ginormous assets.

And Jessy said: “Oh my god… I can’t recognise myself in old pictures. I have no boobs at all, just a pitiful A cup.

“And I also think I look super sad because I couldn’t be the bimbo I always wanted to be.”

Jessy, who is from Germany but lives in Vienna, pays for her surgeries by selling raunchy content on OnlyFans.

Despite only being 20, she has already had two boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, chin surgery, liposuction as well as countless lip fillers.

And last month she posted pictures on Instagram showing her gradual transition from 2018 until now.

One fan wrote underneath: “What an awesome transformation.”

Another account called Bimbo Appreciation said: “Fantastic journey so far.”

“Can’t wait to see how upgraded and pumped you will be in 2026,” someone else commented.

In another before and after post last year, she showed herself with short dark hair next to a revealing shot showing off her new lips and boobs.

And one comment read: “Cant believe that it is the same person.”

The procedures have given her an unmistakable eye-popping appearance – and strangers now confront her in public.

She said: “When I’m on the streets everyone is staring at me.

“I can understand it since I don’t just have the biggest boobs and the most enhanced body in Vienna, I also have the biggest boobs in the whole of Austria.

“Some people make nasty comments and others want to take a photo.

“A fun fact is many women on the streets love my look, which makes me very happy.”

Jessy previously said her transformation was inspired by her childhood – when she was forbidden from playing with dolls.

She explained: “My parents didn't allow me to play with Barbie, so I decided I wanted to become a Barbie.

“When I was browsing the internet in my early teen years I discovered these extreme 3D models of bimbos on pages like Deviant Art.

“And since then my dream has been to become such a doll.”

She had her first boob job at 18 and had another one a year later – taking her implant size to 2000cc.

And despite radically changing her appearance, Jessy now plans to go to further extremes, with more operations planned.

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