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FELT TIP PENS have so many uses, whether you have kids in the house who are vying to be the next Picasso or you're planning to get crafty this Christmas and design your own cards, decorations and more.

Felt tips are also essential for any students and eco-activists – you want to make sure your colours look sharp on your posters at the next march you attend – and for any DIY brides- and grooms-to-be in need of some professional-looking calligraphy tools to create place cards and invites.

Felt tip pens are now also a key ingredient in modern-day self-care, as devotees of bullet journaling will tell you.

There are over 4.4 million posts tagged #bulletjournal on Instagram, detailing the colourful doodles, to-do lists and drawings that combine organisation and creativity to make up a bullet journal – which many insist are life-changers, and even life-savers.

When it comes to buying felt tip pens, we think it all comes down to strength in numbers: they will dry out (and if you have children who never put the caps back on, this will happen sooner rather than later), so having a great selection in terms of colour and versatility is key since you’ll never know when you’re going to need them.

The main dilemma with felt tip pens is whether or not to invest more up front for top-quality pens with lasting potential, or to spend £1 and hope for the best.

We’ve rounded up a selection to suit all budgets and needs, from crafty kids to professional artists.

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