Beauty products to fight ‘maskne,’ dry skin and more

Masks have become the new essential for everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic, but for some, this also means dry or irritated skin or mask acne, also known as “maskne.”

Beauty expert Janine Holmes recently told The Morning Show maskne is the acne or irritation that occurs to the skin due to frequently wearing a mask.

Health experts previously told Global News this is caused by factors including heat and humidity, which can result in skin inflammation and other acne-like skin conditions like perioral dermatitis or rosacea.

“Unfortunately that’s when acne-causing bacteria loves to thrive in and we’re left with those unsightly spots,” Holmes said.

Holmes says there are mask-friendly beauty products to use that’ll help lessen maskne and maintain your makeup throughout the day.

The 3D mask bracket, for example, is designed for all face shapes and it’s made for everyday mask wear, she said. The bracket, which is worn under a face mask, is great for preventing mask-acne and makeup from smearing.

“It is great for someone like myself … I am always wearing something on my lips whether it be a lip chap, a gloss or a bright red lip,” she said.

Holmes said another pro of using the 3D masks is that it eases breathing.

To help keep your skin healthy while using a mask, dermatologist Dr. Sonya Abdulla previously told Global News to be mindful of which products you are putting on your face.

“Use a lighter, water-based lotion and always have clean skin if possible before putting on a mask,” she said.

Since we’re now only able to see the top half of our faces, beautiful eyebrows are a must-have, Holmes added. She recommends using Benefit’s Microfilling Eyebrow Pen, which creates the look of fuller eyebrows.

“It’s a tattoo for your brow where they draw on little individual lines to create the look of a fuller brow,” she said.

To know more about the beauty products that are mask-friendly, check out the full video above.

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