As this crazy vintage picture of a man who looks EXACTLY like Matt Damon shocks the web: here are eight other photos we're sure are celebs travelling back in time

THE INTERNET went wild earlier today when one unsuspecting Reddit user uploaded one of his father's wedding pictures and he was the spitting image of Matt Damon.

Aghast commenters struggled to believe that it wasn’t actually the dashing Borne Ultimatum actor.

Could it be that Matt and this man are actually long lost relatives? Has Matt perfected the art of time travel? Is it just a cleverly edited photograph?

The conspiracy theories are endless but what’s for sure is that whoever is in the happy snap – they look A LOT like Mr Damon.

But he is not the only celeb to have defied science to travel back in time and pose for a vintage images.

Here are some other celebrity doppelgangers that will blow your mind.

Nicolas Cage

Alec Baldwin

Bruce Willis

Eddie Murphy

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John Travolta

Justin Timberlake

Maggie Gyllenhaal

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