Amazon delivery driver caught pooping in customer’s garden

Special delivery?

Amazon has issued an apology to a customer in the UK after a delivery driver was caught on video defecating in her garden.

The footage shows a man wearing a bright yellow vest popping a squat behind a wooden fence on the Wiltshire property of Rebekah Eleanor Read, who posted the security tape on social media with the comment, “Amazon….what a pile of [poo emoji] it is literally what they deliver to you!!!”

Apparently having finished his business, the man is shown pulling up his pants and tossing what appears to be toilet paper behind him, then hopping back over the fence and making his getaway.

“Did you see that?,” a voice in the clip asks.

“Yeah, f–king minging [a British term for ‘foul-smelling’], isn’t it?,” someone else replies.

On Read’s Facebook post, which had over 3,000 shares before it was removed, she wrote, “Yes it sounds funny but it really isn’t…he felt the need to hop over our fence and do a poo in our garden and bag up the tissue and throw in the hedge then hops back over the fence and walks off!!”

“He was confronted and didn’t give a [poo emoji]… We have evidence of who you are and your vehicle, Amazon you need to sort this out immediately!!,” she continued. “Disgraceful behaviour from an employee of yours and for you to just say you’ll sort it…48 hours later it’s still there!! Everyone check your garden for [poo emoji].”

Read’s followers were similarly disgusted.

“The thought of him handling people’s parcels, steering wheels, people’s gates etc. etc. That’s one way to spread disease,” said one, The Sun reports.

“I hope you called Amazon and the police,” wrote another.

Some, however, were more sympathetic to the grueling hours and inhumane conditions under which many Amazon employees are forced to work.

“I think it’s pretty clear he didn’t mean it maliciously, poor lad was gonna s*** himself (or maybe had)! Nobody would do that through choice,” one pitying commenter wrote.

A spokesperson for Amazon says the driver works for a third-party delivery service outsourced by the online shopping giant.

“We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers,” says Amazon. “We are taking this matter seriously and have reached out to the customer to apologize for the experience and offer our support.”

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