All the key astrological dates in March – and what they mean for you

There are plenty of astrological transits and events happening this March.

Lining up your tasks, priorities and to-do list with the relevant cosmic energy influences is a short-cut to getting a quick and easy boost.

Do the right thing on the right day and you might find it goes a little better than you thought.

Here are the key dates for your diary – including Full Moons, planetary transits, and the start of Aries season – as well as what they mean for you.

March 2 – Mercury in Pisces

Time to give expression to your imagination, through communication, business, and travel.

Unleash your ideas and daydreams in these areas and give voice to them because who knows who else is thinking the same thing and might want to join forces with you to manifest something magical.

March 7 – Full Moon in Virgo

Reflect on your obligations, duties, to-do list. Streamline and audit.

Are you really taking care of your own ‘big rocks’ or have too many other distractions and favours for others crept in?

Are you prioritising the urgent and important? If not, then ponder what can be ditched, delegated or delayed, and make a plan.

March 16 – Venus in Taurus

Venus rules over passionate Taurus so this is an indulgent, romantic and physical time for your love life.

Chemistry and attraction count. You need to feel a pull towards the object of your affections. If it’s fraying then invest time and energy in restoring your admiration for your other half. If you’re single, this is a great ‘hunting season’.

March 19 – Mercury in Aries

Be bold, be brave, be a little outspoken. Don’t overthink things right now, lead with your heart. Say what’s on your mind.

Aries is self-serving and dynamic, cuts to the chase. Hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, right? If you ruffle feathers, so be it. Say what needs saying.

March 20 – Aries season starts

Aries, the ram, ruled by Mars, fire element, cardinal sign. A sign associated with ambition, aggression, passion, life force, charisma, energy and power.

This is the first sign of the zodiac so this date is sort of like an astrological New Year. Use it to reboot and revamp your resolutions, spring intentions, and motivation.

March 21 – New Moon in Aries

New Moons are about action and activity, starting things off, initiating a new cycle, beginning on a journey. Aries is bold, daring, and full of ideas. This is a time to go big or go home!

Take whatever you’re working on, or hoping for, and super size it. Broaden your horizons and expand your ambitions. You can go further than you think is possible – prove it to yourself.

March 23 – Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto has been in strict Capricorn for a long time (since 2008) and moves into Aquarius for the coming three months until June 11.

This is a time to join as a collective (hello, human race, you are needed!) to innovate, celebrate diversity and make progress. Join in, collaborate, do new and different things for the greater good.

March 25 – Mars in Cancer

A potentially temperamental day as Mars is all fire and brimstone and Cancer is all intuition and emotion.

Don’t let your feelings bubble over about things you know you can handle, don’t have a moment and say something rash or that will make things worse. Stay chill!

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