Aldi vodka priced at £14.99 ‘tases just like Grey Goose’ according to converts

Aldi shoppers are going mad for a £14.99 vodka described as being uncannily similar to Grey Goose.

A reasonably-priced vodka from Aldi is taking customers by storm, with fans raving about the flavour and one video reviewer claiming it's "just like Grey Goose".

Saint Gérmont Réserve Vodka is a five-times-distilled 40% ABV French vodka sold by Aldi and made from wheat and water from the Charentes region.

In a video review, TikTok user and foodie @brownfam21 samples the vodka and gives his verdict, with many fans agreeing it's a winner.

Throwing some ice in a glass, he pops the cork, pours in the spirits, and sips it neat.

Giving a glowing review, he says: "Definitely the same taste: brilliant, fantastic."

The on-screen caption rates the vodka 10/10 and many of the 100,000 viewers seem to agree, although some are shocked he drank the beverage neat on the rocks without a mixer.

One fan said: "I had this one it’s amazing Lidl also does a good one."

"Had that a few times it's not a bad vodka to be fair," agreed another viewer.

"Little to no hangover as well," said another convert.

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Someone else wrote: "I can vouch for him and say it taste the same and definitely blows your socks off."

A vodka critic commented: "How you gonna drink that and not question whether or not you may have accidentally bought hand sanitiser? Vodka is violent."

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