Adult star signs fans arm and is gobsmacked when he returns with it tattooed

A porn star, famous for releasing a video of her stripping in a college library, has shared stories of her weirdest fan encounters.

Kendra Sunderland has worked in the adult industry since becoming known as ‘library girl’ when she stripped on a webcam video in the Oregon State University library.

The video was subsequently uploaded to explicit video site PornHub under her real name by someone else and Kendra was expelled from her studies.

Since then, the infamous adult star has gone on to have a successful career in the adult industry, shooting videos with major adult film production outlets.

Now, speaking on Private Talk with Alexis Texas, Kendra has dived into the weirdest experiences she has had with fans.

“It’s mostly good, but there are a lot of weirdos out there,” she began.

“The craziest one isn’t weird at all but someone came up to me at Sexpo in Australia and I signed his arm and then he was like ‘I’m going to go and get this tattooed’, and I’m like ‘yeah sure’,

“And he comes back like two hours later and he’s got it all bloody with the surround wrap,

“And I was like ‘okay, that’s hard’. I like that.”

The adult performer also described another strange encounter that occurred when she was giving a man a lap dance at his bachelor party.

“He looks me in the eyes and he’s like ‘I’ll run away with you right now if you want’," she recalled.

Kendra explained how she laughed and joked that it was a nice compliment, but remembered that the man persevered, saying: “He was like ‘no I am serious, I will leave her and go with you if you want'.

“I was like, 'oh your poor wife’."

This comes as one of the US’ most famous porn stars in the 90s, Jasmin St Claire, shared her story about how she transitioned from adult film star into a professional wrestling career.

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