30 First Day Of Work Instagram Captions For When You’re Dressed To Impress

Step aside, first day jitters — you’ve got a new job, and you’re ready to make your first day a memorable one. You’re eager to meet the coworkers who may become your work besties and set up your desk just to your liking with a killer aesthetic. Of course, your first day at a new gig also requires an outfit that will impress, so snap an #OOTD pic and post it to the ‘Gram right away with an Instagram caption for your first day at work.

You know a good impression starts with what you’re wearing. You may have a stylish blazer you can’t wait to pair with an awesome jumpsuit, or want to take inspiration from Emily in Emily in Paris and wear a color-coordinated number. Either way, a picture is necessary, even if you’ve got a WFH setup and have to chat with your new colleagues over Zoom. Since you’ll be filling your head with all the necessary first-day info (i.e. when’s lunch, who’s who, and what’s your password?), make posting to Instagram as easy as possible by using any of these 30 first-day-of-work captions. You don’t have to come up with something cute or punny on your own. All you need to do is snap, caption, and get right back to figuring out how to connect to the printer.

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