29-year-old model has split with Mason Reese,57 and found new love

Adult model, 29, who went viral thanks to her relationship with 4ft 10 former child star, 57, who rides a mobility scooter reveals they’ve ended three-year romance – after he denied she’s the best lover he’s ever had

  • Sarah Russi, 29, and Mason Reese, 57, hit headlines with age gap relationship 
  • Was trolled by people calling her a ‘gold-digger’ but the insisted love was real 
  • Split ten days ago after New Yorker Mason denied Sarah was ‘his best lover’ 
  • She has already moved on with younger influencer she met on Instagram  

An adult model who went viral thanks to her age-gap relationship with a former child star 22 years her senior has revealed the couple have broken up after three years.  

Sarah Russi, 29, from California, split with Mason Reese, 57, a week after he publicly denied she was the best lover he’d ever had. 

The unusual relationship was well documented over the years, and in interviews Sarah insisted she ‘loves older men’, despite being branded a gold-digger for dating 4ft 10 Mason, who uses a mobility scooter.  

Sarah told Femail that she was ‘hurt’ by Mason’s comments in the video, and said the relationship had ‘become more like a friendship’ toward the end. 

However, she has quickly found new love with an influencer from Instagram called Jesse also known as Three6Live.  

Sarah Russi, 29, from California split with Mason Reese, 57, a week after he publicly denied she was the best lover he’d ever had 

The adult model now,29, has found new love and is looking trim and tanned in one of her latest Instagram pictures

Ex-couple Mason Reese and Sarah Russi photographed in Central Park. February 25, 2019, Manhattan, New York they would get abusive comments when out for a ride on Mason’s scooter 

New York-based Mason, who was previously a regular on the daytime talk show The Mike Douglas Show, and appeared in commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran, and Dunkin’ Donuts, met Sarah on Facebook in 2019. 

After living in New York for some time, the couple moved to Florida, where their relationship went downhill. 

In their most recent video interview, she said Mason was asked ‘So is Sarah the best you’ve ever had?’ 

He replied: ‘I’m not the best I’ve ever been lets just say that.’ 

Russi, who is now rocking pink hair instead of her signature sleek brunette locks looked indignant and said to her partner ‘You said I was?’

Mason replied ‘I don’t recall saying that.’ 

The couple argued after the video was aired online with Mason blaming his girlfriend, saying: ‘The video is your fault, you made me do it.’ 

The 57-year-old also accused his young lover of cheating on him with another influencer. 

Sarah Russi,29, with her new beau who is massively popular on Instagram. The OnlyFans model is shown here with new candy pink locks, a crop top and hotpants. Three6Live is rocking some Fila sliders and Supreme trousers.

The couple hit headlines when they went public with their relationship in 2019, and admitted they received a lot of confused looks as they rode Mason’s mobility scooter around New York. 

Russi, who was 26 at the time was accused of being a gold-digger, but former child actor and retired restaurant owner Mason said how ‘lucky’ he was to be with Sarah, and he even accepted her cam girl life style. 

‘A lot of people have come out and have been like, “Really? You’re with that dude? Why? Is it for the money?”,’ he explained. 

Russi was also adamant the relationship was genuine, saying: ‘That really upsets me when people say that I’m with him for his money, because I could date 20 guys who will give me an allowance, so I don’t need to be with him for his money.’ 

Russi, who has said before she likes older men and found Mason ‘cute’, said she’s happy that her new man Jesse is closer to her own age. 

The new couple enjoy a night out on the town. Russi says they ‘have a lot in common’ and she found him ‘intriguing’ 

Russi hit headlines with her age gap relationship with Mason, and moved out of his home last week, they lasted almost three years together and Mason always professed to feel ‘very lucky’

She said ‘I think it’s a good thing he’s around my age and he’s the closest to my age I’ve ever dated.

‘We also have a lot in common. I had to force Mason to do videos, but Three6 is all about content creation which is great. We have a lot more chemistry and connection.’

The couple have been together for 10 days and are now living together. The OnlyFans models says that Mason has been ‘asking her to come over to pick up her stuff’ while she has been staying with Three6.  

The new couple seem happy with each other, after meeting months ago and joining forces with online content

Sarah joins him in the videos, wearing racy outfits and showing off her toned physique. 

Russi reveals the pair met after he reached out to her on Instagram. 

She said ‘I started following Three6Live about a year ago and he got in touch about taking some photos in his studio for OnlyFans. We both have an OnlyFans account. 

‘I had just moved to Florida two months before to move in with Mason and messaged him to see if he wanted to collaborate. I told him I had a boyfriend.

‘We were texting a little bit before we met and we had so much in common so I became really intrigued by him. 

‘I then had some important appointments in his city so we started hanging out. 

‘By then my relationship with Mason was starting to feel more like a friendship so after our last episode of Love Don’t Judge where he made those comments, we had a conversation and ended it.

‘It’s been messy, he’s said mean things to me and I’ve said mean things to him, but our relationship sadly just became like room mates.’ 

Russi received a wave of online support after announcing the split with fans saying ‘good for you girl, go and be happy.’ 

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