17 Instagram DMs To Send After Meeting Someone Cute That’ll Make Them Blush

Picture this: You’re out with friends and you really hit it off with a hottie you couldn’t resist. You love their laugh, compliment them on their smooth pickup lines, and bond over how Supernatural doesn’t get nearly enough credit. It’s basically a rom com, and you’re into it AF. At the end of the night, you don’t exchange numbers, but you do exchange social media handles (which is basically the same thing). Next thing you know, it’s Monday morning and you’re wondering what Instagram DMs to send after meeting someone cute will be most effective in getting this person from your Insta inbox to the nearest date spot, ASAP, without coming on too strong.

When it comes to sliding into someone’s DMs, it’s important to remember that the stakes don’t have to be so high. If they answer, and the two of you start talking more often, great! If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. There will be more DMs to slide into, trust.

Though figuring out what to say can be a little tricky, matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City Alessandra Conti had some advice. "The best way to DM someone is to say something that is non-threatening, and very much just kind of opening a conversation," she previously told Elite Daily. Below, 17 possible messages that range from straight and to the point, to subtle and flirty. Slide away!

1. Hey!

2. I need to know what song that is! [If there’s a song playing in the background of their story that you like.]

3. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here’s a DM slide to say hi to you.

4. I don’t know how we’ve never met before, we have so many friends in common. [For when you have mutual followers.]

5. OMG, my friends and I are actually heading to that area now. We should meet up! [If they post a story at the bar, restaurant, club, etc. you’re going to.]

6. I’ve been looking for new coffee shops, how’s that one?! [When they post a picture of their coffee or at a coffee shop.]

7. Wow, you look great! [If they post a bomb selfie.}

8. Hey! It was so great meeting you last night, I’d love to get your number.

9. *Send a pic or video of a silly pup or a funny meme and say nothing*

10. I’m thinking about checking out [*insert local event, park, show, etc.*], and I’d love some company. Care to join?

11. Hey! What are you up to right now? Let’s go on an adventure.

12. *Send them a pickup line from their favorite TV show or movie.*

13. Do you remember what the homework was? I forgot to write it down. [If they’re in your class.]

14. Want to grab coffee? I could use a caffeine break and cute company.

15. I couldn’t figure out how I should start this conversation: compliment, cheesy pickup line, or simply just "hi." So, you choose!

16. Let’s skip the small talk and fast forward to the flirting.

17. I’m not the best at starting conversations. You want to give it a try for me?

If you want to ease into their DMs and test the waters, reply to one of their stories or ask them something about their most recent post. If you’re feeling extra bold, be like Nike, and just do it — no recent post or story necessary. Shoot your shot, because you never know where it might lead.

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