12 Sexy Country Songs That Bring The Honky-Tonk Heat

Country music may be known for its whiskey-soaked heartbreak ballads, but you know what else it tackles really well? Songs that inspire *all* the racy thoughts. Blame it on the raspy vocals, the unabashedly rowdy lyrics, or the slick guitar solos — regardless, there is certainly no shortage of sexy country songs brimming with honky-tonk heat.

The only question is, what kind of mood are you in? There’s a sexy country song for almost any occasion or situation, after all. While Kane Brown is known for tender tunes that’ll make you swoon, Sam Hunt has plenty of songs that don’t beat around the bush when it comes to the subject matter. Meanwhile, you can always depend on Carrie Underwood for those baddie bops that’ll make you get into a little mischief, and only Miranda Lambert can make even divorce sound sexy. And of course, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have released countless jams about love-making that are oh so perfect for increasing anticipation and setting the right vibe before a date night in. All I’m saying is, the Country Music Awards should add a special category for "Sexiest Song" pronto.

So, if you’re looking for that take-your-clothes-off kinda country music, here are some tracks you should definitely add to your playlist.

"Lose It" — Kane Brown

There’s something about Kane Brown’s booming baritone voice — and the flirty invitations peppered throughout — that makes this uptempo song surprisingly sexy. Plus, it just happens to be about wanting to get busy.

"Losing Sleep" — Chris Young

In-your-face electric guitars and sensual lyrics make this one *quite* a mood-setter, IMO.

"Need You Now" — Lady A

This bop perfectly captures those late-night booty calls when you’re horny and missing your ex — an all-too-relatable situation.

"Strip It Down" — Luke Bryan

Equal parts seductive and sweet, this song — which was apparently inspired by Luke Bryan’s wife — is all about rekindling the romance by getting busy.

"Speakers" — Sam Hunt

What could be more country than tailgate hookups? In this steamy little song, Sam Hunt sings about being stuck "way out in the woods" with "nobody for miles" — and how that leads to some epic love-making in the back of his truck.

"Fine Tune" — Miranda Lambert

I’m a real sucker for a good metaphor — and the way Miranda Lambert uses cars to describe her intimate encounters will have you sweating in no time.

"Sleep With A Stranger" — Nikki Lane

If there’s one thing Nikki Lane’s got, it’s swagger. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself belting this one out — her attitude is so contagious, you may even find yourself following her cue.

"Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" — Big & Rich

Big & Rich’s breakout single may have dropped in 2004 — but it’s quickly become a classic — if only for the title lyric, which is bumper sticker-worthy. Between the hot hip-hop beat and the racy lyrics, this is one you’ll want to blast all summer long with the windows down.

"Body Like a Back Road" — Sam Hunt

This laid-back country jam is undeniably catchy — and Sam Hunt’s swoon-worthy voice doesn’t hurt.

"Last Name" — Carrie Underwood

If you’ve ever had a wild night with a total stranger, this sassy song should resonate.

"Burnin It Down" — Jason Aldean

It’s no surprise that this smoldering single went platinum: the song — and corresponding video — just oozes sex from start to finish. I dare you to read the full lyrics and try not to blush.

"Mess with My Head" — Miranda Lambert

This pulsating track has aggressive drums and a jittery bass line that’ll downright seduce you — that is, if the lyrics don’t first. The subject matter should sound familiar if you’ve ever been with someone who’s so bad for you but makes you feel so good at the same time.

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