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Sweeping across social media as the latest new fitness trend to try, weighted hula hoops are having a serious moment, combining a fun workout with core strength.

The best weighted hoops are easy to assemble and help increase tummy muscle, strength, and posture, while making our workout A LOT more exciting.

As far as fitness challenges go, the internet has seen a new unexpected contender take centre stage with the weighted hula hoop gaining over 120 million views on TikTok with the hashtag #weightedhulahoop

But what are the benefits? Well, specially designed weighted exercise hoops are a great addition to add versatility and variation to home workouts, helping to tone core muscles and shape the waist, as well as improve flexibility.

Most of them are padded meaning they offer maximum comfort with minimum space needed to use them and nearly all hoops break down so you can travel easily from place to place. At a reasonable price, there is no need to invest in expensive gym workout equipment and you can get in a spin anywhere where there’s space to do it!

For the beginner, it is best to start off with a lightweight hoop and gradually build up core strength before increasing the weight of the hoop. Beginners shouldn’t be disheartened if they can’t keep up the hoop for long – practice makes perfect, after all.

Learning how to keep your hoop up is not only a great exercise but it will also benefit posture and coordination, particularly useful if you have been working from home for the last year!

Although some reviewers reported that they experienced some bruising at the beginning, they found that their skin and muscles adapted following several workouts.

If you need help on where to find the best weighted hula hoop then look no further, we have curated our top ten to suit all needs…

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