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BED SHEETS are one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to revamp your bedroom.

The best bed sheets not only feel comfortable and luxurious, they can also improve your sleep.

What are the different types of bed sheets?

Depending on your style, your budget and your needs, the best bed sheets are available in a range of styles and fabrics.

In terms of style, you'll find fitted sheets with elastic, which fit snugly over the mattress – and flat sheets, which you place over the fitted sheet.

Deep fitted and extra deep fitted variations are also available, to fit a variety of mattress sizes.

Flat sheets are rectangles of cloth designed to sit between the fitted sheet and the duvet; when you climb into bed, the fitted sheet should be on top, rather than under you.

On particularly hot nights in summer, a flat sheet often replaces the duvet cover.

Valances are another type of bed sheet: they're sheets with ‘skirts’ that fit over the bed frame and under the mattress.

The skirts drape down to the floor to give the bed a neat overall finish and are also a great way of concealing any items that are stored under your bed.

Zippered sheets are also starting to become a thing: they save you time and hassle by zipping onto your mattress, and are available in the UK from most online retailers.

There's also nti-allergy for those with sensitive skin, and linen for those who tend to overheat at night.

1. Best Egyptian cotton bed sheets: The White Company Essentials Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet

  • Essentials Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet, from £20 (single) at The White Company – buy here

The White Company is a fail-safe when it comes to quality Egyptian cotton bedding in a classic design.

These 200-thread count sheets are a value-for-money buy that happen to be very easy to clean – a nice bonus.

2. Best value deep fitted bed sheets: John Lewis 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Deep Fitted Sheet

  • Crisp and Fresh 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Deep Fitted Sheet, from £22 (single) at John Lewis – buy here

This type of deep sheet has elasticated corners and is designed to fit directly on top of your mattress or mattress protector, if you have one.

It’s there to provide a layer of protection between you and the mattress – whether we like it or not, we all sweat in bed, especially on warm nights, so a fitted sheet is a must to absorb sweat.

After all, it’s much easier to wash a sheet than a mattress.

This deep fitted sheet from John Lewis in 200-thread count Egyptian cotton is excellent value for money and comes in an array of colours.

3. Best budget bed sheets: Next Percale Fitted Sheet by Catherine Lansfield

  • Next Percale Fitted Sheet by Catherine Lansfield, from £10 at Next – buy here

Next's range of bed sheets in cotton percale and polyester is an easy-care choice that reviewers find comfortable and low maintenance, not to mention good value for money.

Choose from a range of colours and sheet types: flat, fitted, deep fitted and extra deep fitted.

4. Best valance: Argos Super White Valance

  • Super White Valance, from £8 (single) at Argos – buy here

Okay, we admit it, valances aren't for everyone – but it needn’t be that way.

They can instantly spruce up a bed – as well as hiding anything unsightly you might have chucked underneath it.

A plain design without the frills and lace, like this polycotton valance from Argos, is a top choice in terms of fit, appearance and value for money.

Pop it on the bed in the spare room – the smart finish creates an inviting feel for guests.

5. Best brushed cotton sheets: Silentnight Stars Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet

  • Silentnight Stars Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet, from £12 at Very – buy here

This brushed cotton sheet is one for those seeking an extra snuggly sleep – and to make a statement in a patterned, eye-catching star design.

Brushed cotton is super-cosy, and perfect for those chillier evenings – and the head-turning star design will be on-trend for modern, minimalist bedroom.

Who says you can't have cosiness in style?

6. Best breathable bed sheets: Simba Hybrid Performance Fitted Sheet

  • Simba Hybrid Performance Fitted Sheet, from £70 (double) at Simba – buy here

Simba isn't just a brand that's revolutionised the mattress, but they've also been pioneers in changing the game around bed sheets, too.

This fitted sheet is made from 50 per cent TENCEL to help regulate temperature as you sleep, so you won't overheat.

The breathable cotton design is ultra-comfy to sleep on, too.

Reviewers insist it's 'perfect', 'lovely to sleep in', the 'best investment' and the 'best fitted sheet we've ever had'.

7. Best linen bed sheets: Soak & Sleep 100% Pure French Linen Bedding

  • 100% Pure French Linen Bedding, from £30 (single) at Soak&Sleep – buy here

Switch up your bed sheets for linen, just in time for the warmer weather.

Soak&Sleep's French linen sheets are perfect for anyone who tends to overheat in the night – it helps regulate your temperature – and feels lovely, and cool in the summer.

The texture is super soft and the lightly crumpled effect of linen means you can skip the ironing.

Fans say once you try it, you won't go back to cotton.

8. Best silk bed sheets: LilySilk 19 Momme Seamless Silk Flat Sheet

  • 19 Momme Seamless Silk Flat Sheet, from £143 (single) at LilySilk – buy here

Silk sheets are expensive yes, but converts insist they’re worth the heftier price tag since they feel so luxurious and comfortable.

Silk is renowned for regulating your body temperature – leaving you at an ideal temperature to have an amazing night's sleep.

As one fan writes: 'Complete game changer… you’ll never want to sleep in anything else again – it’s soft, cool and yet warm at the same time.

Silk pillows are also fantastic for your hair, too.

9. Best anti allergy bed sheet: Dunelm Fogarty 100% Cotton Anti Allergy Fitted Sheet

  • Fogarty 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet, from £10 (single) at Dunelm – buy here

Tell dust mites to bite the dust with this anti-allergy bed sheet from Fogarty – which is crafted from pure cotton percale, meaning it's both comfortable and hardwearing.

Perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities and allergies – including kids – this design is good quality and value for money, according to customers.

Plus, it fits mattresses beautifully without any annoying duvet shaking, and sweat-breaking.

10. Best printed fitted sheet: La Redoute Elisa Percale Printed Fitted Sheet

  • Elisa Percale Printed Fitted Sheet, from £12 (single) at La Redoute – buy here

While fitted and flat sheets typically come in an array of fabrics and colours, if you’re looking for prints, you won’t find them everywhere.

La Redoute has a plentiful selection of well-priced printed sheets in funky patterns and colours, made from a comfy cotton percale fabric.

This eye-catching Art Deco geometric print is a fab way to update any bedroom, and an easy, affordable way to make a statement.

What material should I get my sheets in? 

There are tons of options when it comes to materials for bed sheets – each different fabric has its advantages and disadvantages.

Egyptian cotton is the most expensive but also the most luxurious – it's durable yet super soft, and is the bedding we typically associate with a luxury hotel stay.

Pure cotton is a good all-rounder for bed sheets as it’s breathable, hardwearing and easy to clean.

Variations on cotton, like cotton percale and cotton supima, are also in demand because they're durable yet soft and comfy – plus, they're usually good value for money.

Linen bed sheets are also popular and known for their breathability – they'll keep you cool in the warmer months and warm in the cool ones, and you won't overheat in the night.

For the eco-conscious, organic bamboo bedding is also on the rise, and fans like it for more than its eco-credentials, since it's purported to be even softer and more breathable than cotton.

Silk bed linen – particularly silk pillowcases – are a favourite for keeping hair and skin looking their best after a night of sleep. Pure silk is also hypoallergenic so a smart choice for anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities.

Wool bedding is also popular – and not just for duvets – since it's chemical-free and hypoallergenic.

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