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Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour – The main function of advertising is to influence and trigger a “call to action” among consumers to buy something.

I was inspired to write this post after my recent Diwali holiday in India. I have observed a strong trend in the market that “Popular Indian sweets have been replaced by chocolates”.

Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour

During Diwali, I receive gifts from friends and family members and there is one thing most of the gifts have in common: chocolates.

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Chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, wrapped in gold leaf, like the famous Indian candy called Ladoo, are sold like hot cakes.

So what has caused this change in consumer buying patterns and habits? Exposure to international advertising/products and trends:

Chocolate is no longer just a product for children, which has severely limited its appeal. Brands such as Cadbury and Snickers, Amul have repositioned chocolate as a snacking option for adults, leading to renewed demand for these products.

Almost all international brands like Lindt, Godiva are now present in Indian cities. Economic and cultural growth have also contributed to changing trends: today, the middle-income group has more money than 10 to 15 years ago.

Buying Behaviour In The Nordics & Benelux

Today’s Indian youth love to experiment with products and are ready to adopt Western trends. They may look like Indians but deep down they are very Westernized and open-minded.

Despite strict food regulations, merchants and sweet shops in small towns still use fake ingredients to produce traditional dishes, leading to many health complications when consumed. .

Brands like Cadbury have capitalized on this trend and the change in consumption patterns and came up with a masterful communication strategy called “Kuch metha ho jaaye”.

Trusted by film actors and superstars, advertising has helped the Cadbury brand penetrate every Indian home, every festival, every happy occasion.

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The Snickers brand recently highlighted this through its “Who Are You When You Are Hungry” campaign, based on the idea that hunger affects everyone, regardless of age or mental state.

I am not promoting any brand of chocolate or its consumption, but my aim is to demonstrate that advertising, combined with consumer insights (through consumer research ), not only creates demand for a category but also changes its behavior. consumers and provide them with alternative products to be a part of their festivals and joyous occasions.

Successful businesses aim to build strong relationships with consumers so they can retain them as long-term customers and maximize revenue opportunities.

I can’t end this post without showing this humorous ad from a chocolate brand that uses humor/fun as an invitation to engage.

What Is Consumer Buying Behavior?

It is the power of advertising that has allowed a Western-dominated category like chocolate to shed its Western mantle and become an integral part of Indian festivals and homes.

I hope that my experience and knowledge of how advertising influences behavior will help and guide my fellow marketers who are in the process of carving out a niche. for their brand.

If any reader needs my help or input in developing a communication strategy for their brand, you can contact me at [email protected].

Ritesh Mohan is a passionate retail professional with over 19 years of experience in the retail industry, responsible for some of the biggest brands in the beauty, fashion, perfume and consumer products retail industries. He played an important role in the development of several regional brands as well as in the Middle East region. He specializes in retail management, product development, brand management, retail operations, sales management, business management and empowering business owners through his wisdom and experience of about two years. decade in the industry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Pdf) Impact Of Advertising On Consumers’ Buying Behavior Through Persuasiveness, Brand Image, And Celebrity Endorsement

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