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If You Hit An Illegally Parked Car

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If You Hit An Illegally Parked Car – Car wrecks happen with surprising frequency. According to the National Safety Council, more than 13,000 people are injured in car accidents in the United States every day. If you hit an illegally parked car and are in trouble, get help from our experienced attorneys at the Joel Bieber Law Firm. If you are involved in a wreck that results in property damage, injury, or death, you often have a claim for damages that you can pursue against the person responsible for the accident. Let’s find out what happens when you hit an illegally parked car

Despite the frequency of collisions, legal liability is not always clear. Some of the most heated cases follow car accidents where both parties share some fault for the accident. If both parties in the collision acted unreasonably carelessly, what happens next may depend on the skill of your car accident attorney.

If You Hit An Illegally Parked Car

The heart of a car accident insurance claim or lawsuit is negligence. Any act not performed by a reasonably careful person is considered negligent. This definition covers unreasonably dangerous acts such as speeding, driving while texting and drunk driving.

What Happens If You Hit An Illegally Parked Car?

If you​​​​cause a car accident because of these or similar actions, you may be responsible for compensating the injured party.

Violation of the law is also negligence. Violation of the law is negligent because no reasonable person would break the law, including parking laws. So a driver who parks his car in violation of the law is probably also negligent. A car owner may share legal liability if a violation of this law contributes to an accident.

Every state has laws on the books that govern how drivers must park their vehicles in public spaces. Violation of these laws is usually a non-moving traffic violation that results in a fine. Examples of illegal parking are:

Motorists must park their cars, motorcycles and other vehicles a short distance from the block. While car tires should not be in contact with the pavement, state traffic laws require drivers to park their cars close to the pavement when parking on the street.

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The required clearance varies from state to state – in North Carolina, car tires must be 18 inches apart.

Some on-street parking spaces and parking lots are for specific drivers or vehicles. For example, you cannot park in a space designated for impaired drivers unless you have a special permit. The law also defines areas of roads, such as areas at intersections, as parking zones.

Parking a car in a public place can also be illegal if the car is not registered. While some jurisdictions allow you to park an unregistered vehicle in certain spaces for a short time, most cities and states prohibit long-term parking of unregistered vehicles.

What happens if you hit an illegally parked car will largely depend on the type of parking violation. If the driver of the other car stops too far from the curb or blocks an intersection, it may play a more significant role in causing your accident than if the other car’s tags have expired. .

What Happens If You Unknowingly Hit A Parked Car?

The more the illegal parking of a car obstructs the flow of regular traffic, the more the negligence of the driver will play a role in determining who is to blame for any accident.

In addition to the type of parking violation committed by the owner of the vehicle, other conditions are relevant to the question of liability for damages. This includes the following:

While a parking violation may play a role in causing an accident or making one more likely, it would be rare for illegal parking to be the cause of an accident.

If both you and the other driver are negligent in some way, it is the job of the insurance companies or the court to decide what percentage of the fault is due to the illegal parking.

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If an illegally parked vehicle is involved in an accident, this decision may affect the legal rights of the owner of the illegally parked vehicle.

In some states, a person who is even partially at fault for an accident cannot recover compensation for their injuries or damages. Virginia and North Carolina are two of the four states that follow this law.

In other states, as long as a person was not the actual cause of the accident, that person can recover monetary damages for property and other damages. Any recovery, however, is attributed to them in proportion to the amount of the error.

In other states, even a driver who primarily causes an accident can recover monetary damages from another party. Here, too, the court or insurance companies will however reduce the compensation received in proportion to the fault attributed to the person.

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Whether you can recover compensation for towing an illegally parked vehicle depends on the laws of your state and the specific circumstances of your case. In states like Virginia and North Carolina, you may not be successful in recovering compensation if you own the illegally parked vehicle or were the person who crashed the vehicle.

Contact The Joel Bieber Company for assistance if you are concerned about what might happen if you hit an illegally parked vehicle. Our car accident attorneys are well-versed in state laws, and we will do everything we can to maximize your recovery. Accidents happen, and in the grand scheme of things, a parked car collision is usually a relatively minor problem. But even if no one was injured is nothing but pride, that does not mean that you can escape responsibility if you are at fault and if it is your car that crashed, you want to know what you are doing. Have and how to do it. Making things. Here we tell you what to do.

If you hit a parked car, no matter how minor the collision, don’t assume you can just drive away – you must notify the owner of the parked car. This is the law (see below).

If the owner is there when it happens, it is quite simple. If they’re not, it might just be tempting to drive, but as we’ve said before (it doesn’t hurt to repeat) that’s illegal. Even if you think you can get away with it, there may be witnesses who didn’t see you or nearby CCTV (including in the car you hit) may record what happens.

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So don’t chance it. Pull over, note the damage and leave your details with the car.

Write your name, address and telephone number on a piece of paper and leave it behind the windshield wiper. If it rains, see if you can protect the paper with a plastic bag or similar.

If you have a camera on your phone, take pictures of the damage – this is important in case a third party tries to blame you for damage you did not cause.

If you are present at the time of the collision, make sure the person stops and exchanges details. If they don’t stop, get as many details of the car as you can: the car’s registration, make, model and colour, and if possible, the driver’s details.

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If you​​​​are not present, unless the other person leaves their details, the only chance of finding you will be with witnesses or CCTV footage.

You might be interested to know that in-car dash cams can be set up with a ‘sentry’ mode that activates the camera when it detects movement while you’re away from the car. Tesla cars are built this way.

Collect all this information and inform your insurer about the damage caused and other details. They will ask if you have a crime reference number. Then they can clarify the next steps.

If you​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a car crash into a parked car, try to get as many details as you can. If the collision is serious, call 101 – the non-emergency police number – within 24 hours of the incident.

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You are still responsible for any damage you may cause, so stop and leave your data behind.

Yes. The insurance industry pays into a pool that covers damages caused by uninsured or unknown drivers involved in accidents. However, check your level of cover, and remember that any additional insurance requirements are covered by you before your insurance pays out, and this may affect your premium.

If you damage a parked car, or your car breaks down while parked and you do not notify your insurer, your insurer may invalidate or cancel your policy.

Yes. Depending on the severity of the incident, you may be charged with stopping after the incident or failing to stop after the incident. This will likely include a fine with an unlimited maximum payable amount.

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Failure to stop after an accident or failure to report an accident can also see you with fines of up to 5-10 points added to your licence. Unlike acceleration, there are no alternative awareness courses.

Yes. Again, it’s covered

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