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How To Measure Consumer Buying Behaviour

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How To Measure Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Customer Online Shopping Behaviour In 2023 [trends]

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PERVAINCONSA Scale to measure consumer behavior towards online stores of MSMEs engaged in apparel sales

Elizabeth Emperatriz Garcia-Salirosas Elizabeth Emperatriz Garcia-Salirosas Sylite Preprints

Factors Affecting Female Consumer’s Online Buying Behavior

Received: 28 January 2022 / Revised: 16 February 2022 / Accepted: 18 February 2022 / Published: 24 February 2022

The objective of the study was to validate an instrument designed to measure the variables value, purchase intention, trust and satisfaction in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The PERVAINCONSA scale (capital letters formed from the first letters of the Spanish words “perception de valor”, “intention de compra”, “confianza” and “satisfacion”) was constructed. A total of 238 questionnaires were collected from consumers of online clothing stores in Peru, Mexico, and Colombia (38.7% male and 61.3% female) with a mean age of 24.29 years (SD = 8.04). KMO and Barlett’s test is 0.958. Confirmatory factor analysis yielded an excellent model (χ2 = 372.76, gl = 164; χ2/df = 2.27; CFI = 0.956; RMSEA = 0.073, SRMR = 0.035; and Pclose = 0, 00). The model showed good scale reliability when the Composite Reliability Index (CFI) and all values ​​exceeded the minimum level of 0.6. The results show that the first version of PERVAINCONSA provides adequate psychometric evidence to measure value perception, purchase intention, trust and satisfaction of consumers of online stores in Peru, Mexico and Colombia. Therefore, it contributes to the advancement of scientific research on these important variables in the study of consumer behavior in Latin America.

Consumer behavior has faced several crises such as the Great Depression of the 1930s, the financial crisis of the early 2000s, and now COVID-19, which have led to changes in consumer behavior.Changes in consumer consumption patterns [1, 2]. One of the most visible changes is the use of digital technology to perform various activities in daily life, consumer resistance to technology use is also an important aspect of behavior such as acceptance and adoption [3].

In this sense, e-commerce has long created enormous economic and social benefits in countries so that they replace production processes towards sustainable development [4], but in developing countries, the lack of technology and knowledge has limited its application [5]; However, the impact of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic has accelerated the development of e-commerce [6] and the transition to the Sales 4.0 era, which requires large, medium and small companies to adapt and innovate. Worldwide. To maintain sustainability with its business activities [7].

What Is Consumer Behavior Its Type And How To Analyze And Predict It

According to the instruction. [3], consumer resistance to technology use is one of the main reasons for market innovation failure; However, children, youth, adults and the elderly need digital technology more because it facilitates communication with others through mobile devices or computers connected to the Internet [8, 9].

The new reality forces countries and their companies not only to adapt to e-commerce for sales but also to maintain better relationships with consumers [10]. Providing customers with a good online shopping experience allows them to repurchase and recommend the store [6, 11]. Consumer purchase decisions are governed by various factors including perceived value, purchase intention, trust and satisfaction [11].

Therefore, the importance of this research is to measure these variables in order for companies to improve their business management and increase competitiveness and sustainability in their production processes [12]. Identifying and analyzing factors such as perceived value, purchase intention, trust and satisfaction of the various stakeholders involved in the commercial process helps in validating the representative factors of the organization. Identify the customers and find out their perception of the products offered and the quality of the services provided. part of the value provided; It also helps in knowing the consumer, buyer or brand consumer intent while making decisions and conducting commercial transactions [13].

Perceived value is one of the factors by which consumers evaluate a product or service after weighing the perceived benefits and sacrifices. When comparing price with what they receive, consumers choose the option that offers the highest perceived value [15, 16]. Consumers evaluate an online store from a hedonic or utilitarian perspective [5]; Regarding the hedonic dimension, it includes the emotional and affective part of the purchase process [15], while the utilitarian dimension is based on the consumer’s cognitive and rational evaluation [17].

Questionnaire About Buying Behavior Cfa Factor Loadings

As for online purchase intention, it refers to the consumer’s willingness to purchase from an online store [5]. According to economic theory, consumers choose a good to purchase rationally according to their limited resources [18]; However, from a psychological point of view, Ref. [19] consider purchase intention as the willingness expressed by consumers in the form of efforts and actions to perform a certain behavior. According to the instruction. [20], which is linked to a set of variables such as previous experiences, preferences and external environment to gather information, evaluate alternatives and ultimately make a purchase decision [17].

In the shopping experience, trustworthiness is a fundamental element, a key strategy for marketing and long-term relationship success [5]. Reference [21] defines trustworthiness and integrity as the sense in which a party holds its interlocutor. Regarding e-trust, e-trust is defined as an attitude of trusting one’s expectation not to exploit one’s vulnerabilities in an online risk situation. In this sense, trust has emerged as a potentially central factor leading to the adoption of information technology and is especially essential for online marketers [22, 23].

Today’s business environment, especially in Latin America, is highly competitive and repeat purchases are a phenomenon necessary to ensure the survival of these types of firms, leading to customer churn [24]. In this sense, satisfaction is an important indicator of increased customer loyalty [25]. The satisfaction of customer needs is critical to the exchange between companies and markets, and since the origin of marketing, satisfaction has been considered a determinant of market success [24]. According to customer value theory, satisfaction is the result of the customer’s perception of value received compared to expected value, and thus loyalty is the result of the customer’s belief that the amount of value they receive is greater than what they can receive from others. Seller [26].

How the PERVAINCONSA scale can predict consumer behavior towards online stores of MSMEs engaged in selling apparel and this highlights the importance of the research objective in understanding the variables involved in online purchase decisions. A tool to clearly measure value perception, purchase intention, trust and customer satisfaction is needed to strengthen organizational culture to improve marketing and management conditions in the competitive context of the market. There are several instruments that evaluate the determinants of consumer purchase decisions in online stores, for example, the PERVAL scale of Ref. [27], SERVQUAL of Ref. [28], SERVPERF of Ref. [29], and WebQuall by Ref. [30], among others, is a basis for authors to adapt their findings.

Learning And Consumer Behavior

The scale is vague and focuses on some of the variables described, but there is no scale intended to collectively measure these variables with a focus on online stores of Latin American MSMEs. This framed our research question to understand that the exponential introduction of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) into e-commerce started last year following restrictions imposed by governments to contain the pandemic. Current realities of MSME online stores in Peru, Mexico and Colombia. In a post-pandemic context, validation of a tool designed to measure is highly relevant

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