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How To Help Someone Suicidal

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How To Help Someone Suicidal – You’re not alone. Support is available. If you are in crisis, call or text 988 – The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Suicidal people show one or more warning signs, either by what they say or by what they do. The more warning signs there are, the greater the risk. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention offers the following helpful guide.

How To Help Someone Suicidal

It may also be helpful to save several emergency numbers on your cell phone. Being able to get immediate help for yourself or a friend can make all the difference.

How To Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

And SAVE have collaborated to bring you this helpful infographic on suicide prevention. We encourage you to download and share this infographic with your communities.

Stigma related to mental illness continues to be a problem in our world. Its impact will often delay a…

Licensed mental health providers specialize in anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and related disorders. All providers on the list, offering face-to-face or virtual therapy, are members who have chosen to be on the list.

The four free online peer communities for people with mental health conditions provide a safe space to support, share experiences and connect with others.

How To Help Someone With Depression

Explore mental health research and self-help books focused on anxiety and depressive disorders written by mental health experts.

Please note: This is not a direct service organization. does not provide psychiatric, psychological or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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A legacy gift Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to contribute for years to come. Suicide prevention has never been more important, but how can people get the support and hope they need if the topic remains taboo? SAT-7 is one of the few voices speaking out on the mental health crisis and suicide in the Middle East. As our channels raise awareness, our PR teams support and advise viewers in crisis, bringing them real hope when all hope seems lost.

“I’ve been divorced for three years. I can’t see my two children and I’ve been depressed for two years. A month ago I was alone on my birthday. I felt so alone and I wanted to end my life, but I decided to watch

One last time That day, the presenter spoke about God’s love and patience. She spoke of abandoning ourselves to Him and giving Him our pain. Now I have hope. I read the Bible and pray every day and believe that one day I will see my children again. Jesus Christ is with me; He takes care of me. I thank you all – you have been tools for God to do this in my life. » – Bahar* in Türkiye

Worried About Someone Suicidal

These words from a viewer show how the most vulnerable people can be forgotten in Middle Eastern society and how SAT-7 can be a lifeline for viewers in crisis. The public relations (AR) staff at SAT-7’s Arabic, Farsi and Turkish channels often hear from viewers who desperately need help, both with their own mental health crises and those of their family members. family. When a post is a genuine cry for help, designate a member of the RA counseling team to reach out and support the viewer and, if possible, encourage them to contact a local mental health professional.

We also need to break taboos and contribute to prevention in the Middle East and North Africa, where suicide is considered a shame and should not be discussed. SAT-7 broadcasts programs that offer mental health and spiritual support, as well as others that address social issues that contribute to mental health crises.

And, on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), SAT-7 ARABIC is releasing a short video to help families recognize the warning signs and guide them through a series of steps to help their loved ones in crisis. “For many people, this may be the only awareness message they see,” says Mary Joseph, communications manager of SAT-7 in Cairo. “There are few reports of suicide as a public health problem in Egypt.”

In the Persian world, where suicide is a widespread problem, there are few prevention or help lines for people in crisis. Although some services have been launched in recent years, in one case the service only operates on Mondays.[1] Meanwhile, the suicide rate is tragically increasing, even among children. Since January this year, in the Kurdish regions of Iran alone, 35 children have committed suicide.[2]

Try To Help: Supporting Someone Who Has Suicidal Thoughts

But in our viewers’ stories, SAT-7 regularly sees the power of hope in God to save lives.

“I went through a lot of difficulties in my life, from my childhood until I got married very young,” says Pari*, an Iranian woman. “Even though it wasn’t a good marriage, I stayed with my husband and had four children with him. My husband showed me no kindness. I was hurt emotionally and physically and I tried to kill myself four times.

“For the last four years I had no peace and was troubled, then at the age of 65 I became a believer. The Lord Jesus Christ, the living God, worked in me and gave me peace. Because I wanted to know Jesus better, I came to your channel and my heart was warmed and I have good hope.”

An Iranian, Shadmehr*, also shared his story with SAT-7 PARS. “I was deeply depressed and regularly had very dark suicidal thoughts. One day, I started watching your channel. Through your programs, I met Jesus Christ and from that day on, I “I felt much better. Before that day, I had no faith in God or anything else. But now I want to follow Jesus.”

How To Help A Loved One Having Suicidal Thoughts

*If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, get help. Find your local helpline

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