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How Does Pollution Affect People

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How Does Pollution Affect People – The Unit provides technical support to Member States in the development of common guidance, tools and the provision of authoritative advice on health issues related to air pollution and its sources. This unit leads monitoring and reporting on global conditions and changes in health outcomes associated with actions taken to address air pollution at national, regional and global levels.

Household air pollution is mainly caused by the burning of polluting fuels such as wood, animal manure, coal, agricultural waste and kerosene in open fires or inefficient wood-burning stoves throughout the home. Around 2.4 billion people worldwide depend primarily on fossil fuels for cooking, heating and lighting. Exposure to indoor air pollution from improper burning of these fuels causes many health problems such as pneumonia in children and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, stroke and heart disease in adults.

How Does Pollution Affect People

More than 3 million people die prematurely each year from diseases caused by indoor air pollution (2022; Household air pollution burden of disease; other HAP data). Of these deaths, 32% are heart disease, 21% respiratory disease, 23% stroke, 19% chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 6% lung cancer. In children under 5 years of age, exposure to indoor air pollution is responsible for nearly half of all pneumonia deaths. New evidence shows that exposure to indoor air pollution can cause low birth weight, stillbirth, asthma, ear infections and upper respiratory tract infections. , tuberculosis, cataracts, nasopharynx and pharyngeal cancer and cervical cancer.

What You Need To Know About Air Pollution In Utah.

Particles and other pollutants in indoor smoke can also cause inflammation in the airways and lungs, which impairs the immune system’s response and reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Exposure to indoor air pollution can also cause short-term health effects, such as burning eyes, coughing, runny nose and throat irritation. Fat accumulation also increases the risk of muscle damage from carrying heavy loads and injury or violence, especially when alone in unprotected areas. .The common burden of carrying heavy fuel loads, often carried on the head or back, can use up muscle tissue, back injuries, fractures and pregnancy problems, as well as long-term stress, chronic pain and arthritis.

Domestic use of polluting fuels and technologies poses security risks. Kerosene, often sold in refillable soda bottles, is a leading cause of childhood poisoning. children. Stoves and fires are often on the floor, where children can easily touch or fall on them. TL;DR— This blog goes deep into the many effects air pollution has on human health and examines just how bad the air is. the condition affects almost every part of the human body – from head to toe. Research shows that air pollution is a serious threat to the environment because it kills diseases, from Alzheimer’s to lung cancer to osteoporosis, and can significantly reduce health and quality of life. Air pollution causes significant damage to public health as well as significant economic losses due to health costs and lost school and work days. Although exposure to air pollution can affect everyone, the damage is not evenly distributed. Children, the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions and those living in low socio-economic areas or environmentally disadvantaged communities bear the brunt of its effects – underscoring the need to protect vulnerable populations by taking better care of our air quality.

We know that air pollution causes about 7 million premature deaths a year, but what do the effects of air pollution look like on an individual’s quality of life?

Air pollution is a major environmental cause of a number of diseases, including respiratory conditions such as asthma and lung cancer; neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease; various psychological states; and many other effects, including reduced fetal growth, autism, retinopathy and low birth weight.

Particulate Pollution Is The Greatest Threat To Human Health Globally, Yet Funding To Tackle The Problem Lags

With the many health effects associated with air pollution, many studies have sought to quantify the effects of air pollution on the general population—a method used by the USEPA is provided as an example below.

Research conducted by the USEPA shows that certain health conditions, such as the respiratory effects of exposure to air pollution, can be directly linked to their economic consequences, such as costs associated with medical visits, lost school and work days, hospital visits and, finally. , who have died. Such research helps provide a rubric for assessing the enormous toll on human health caused by air pollution in terms of direct costs to society and the economy as a whole. (Image source: USEPA)

Assumptions about how these costs are expected to change over time appear negative. A study by the OECD’s Economic Consequences of Air Pollution project shows that by 2060, global economic output will be reduced by around USD 330 per person, combined with a $155 billion increase in annual health care costs and billions of lost work days. global level.

At the global economic level, the project estimates that the economic consequences of air pollution – including reduced labor productivity, increased health costs and lost agricultural yields – will cost 1% of global GDP by 2060.

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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducted a study looking at how the health, economic and productivity effects of exposure to air pollution may change from 2010 to 2060. Significant increases in respiratory effects, health costs, lost work days and reduced work days suggest that air pollution will have a significant impact on health and global health if steps are not taken to improve air quality. (Image source: OECD)

Although we intuitively understand that air pollution damages the lungs, research continues to reveal how it actually affects almost every part of the human body. Air pollution particles can be small enough to enter the bloodstream and from there cause systemic inflammation and disrupt our natural body functions. The infographic below provides details on how different parts of the body are affected by air pollution.

Generally, the extensive damage caused by air pollution is thought to be the result of the systemic inflammation it causes. Considering the importance of our entire body functioning properly for good human health, we thought we’d look at how each part of the body is negatively affected by air pollution.

Air pollution has been linked to a number of eye problems, including asymptomatic eye problems and dry eyes. Research in this context shows that air pollution can irritate the eyes through car emissions.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Human Health?

The eyes are a sensitive organ with a very high blood flow, which makes them very sensitive to the damage caused by air pollution, especially the small particles that can circulate in the body after inhalation.

A large UK-based study found that even small increases in air pollution are associated with age-related macular degeneration, which causes irreversible vision loss. Even an increase in specific substance of the order of 1 μg/m3 was associated with an 8% increase in the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Although the link between air pollution and respiratory health has historically been well studied, in recent years increasing amounts of research have been released on the link between poor air quality and neurological and mental health outcomes. Research suggests that cognitive decline, dementia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia all occur over time with exposure to air pollutants.

Certain pollutants, such as lead, have also been studied for links to learning disabilities, memory impairment, hyperactivity and antisocial behavior in children. Children’s brain development can also be affected by exposure to high levels of air pollution in the womb because the brain is developing at this time and air pollution can cause permanent brain damage. Even in the womb, exposure to high levels of air pollution can also lead to cognitive decline in old age.

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Research examining nitrogen dioxide shows that this pollutant is one of the main causes of stroke. The same study found that short-term exposure to sulfur dioxide and PM10 was also associated with an increased risk of stroke.

A study conducted at USC investigated the link between air pollution and dementia – this study of more than 2,000 elderly women over the age of 10 shows that exposure to air pollution not only increases the risk of dementia, but improved air quality may be slower. this accelerates the aging of the brain.

Reducing exposure to air pollution by about 15 percent below the current EPA limit resulted in a 20 percent reduction in the risk of dementia.” – Jiu-Chiuan Chen, researcher at USC

Another recent study presented at the 2021 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference found similar results. Reducing PM2.5 and NO2 emissions by 10% from current USEPA levels over 10 years was associated with a 14% and 26% reduction in the risk of dementia among older US women—including when the effects were controlled for age, education , district. and the presence of cardiovascular disease.

New Who Global Air Quality Guidelines Aim To Save Millions Of Lives From Air Pollution

Although the exact mechanisms for this link between air pollution and dementia are not fully understood, recent research on beta-amyloid levels in the blood suggests a possible biological link between air pollution and dementia.

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