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How Does Culture Influence Society

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How Does Culture Influence Society – There are many cultural aspects that affect not only the way we look at others, but also the way we interact with other people. Culture is a strong part of a person’s life because it determines their attitudes and values. The way individuals grow up in their culture can easily be traced through their adult lives.

As an African American, my culture is very unique in its own way than other cultures. My culture focuses on more sentimental things like important values, religion, language and art. People may not understand why African Americans have such a sharp tongue and call us “ghetto” because they simply did not grow up in that environment. Others see colors as “stupid” because they think they have an advantage. Society may not understand why people of color wear more pairs of jewelry. Many people also cannot understand why people of color wear hair extensions. People may not understand why many people of color wear glossy lip gloss. People may not even understand why people of color wear different colored hair wraps or turbans. Other cultures think differently about other people’s lives or cultures simply because they were raised differently or were taught differently. Many from different cultures simply cannot understand why people live their lives in a certain way and may sometimes question their lifestyle. Ethnicity has everything to do with how a person views the world, but mostly it has to do with a person’s reaction based on race. For example, in the personal essay “Two Ways to Belong in America”, the author, Bharati Mukherjee once said, “We will spend two years in America, secure our degrees, and then return to India to marry my father’s brothers . choice.” This statement shows that Bharati would have a possible chance at a normal life and plan for the future that she wants, but it is quoted in “will” which means that it is possible that she could not. How one looks and what others think are two different things, they are two things one believes.

How Does Culture Influence Society

Family alone is enough to change the way others see a person, because others have different perspectives on what family is and what family means to them. In my culture, family is an important value because we can always talk to each other and know that we are protected. Family is the most important influence in a child’s life because parents and family help children form relationships with others by forming the child’s first relationship with parents. Having both parents in the household is also important because it leads the child to the right path in life. Not having active parents in the household can lead to them being troubled children or having difficulty interacting with other people. In the worst case, the child may end up not agreeing with his parents’ opinion and decide to go on an adventure alone. For example, in the story “Everyday Use,” the author Alice Walker describes the story’s mother as “a tall, big clumsy woman with rough, manly hands.” Her daughter was ashamed of her masculinity, she felt others were judging her family background, so she tried harder to fit in. In my opinion, most children who feel insecure about their family appearance try to change their appearance in order to qualify in society.

Seven Spheres Of Cultural Influence

Family values ​​are important because it keeps the family together through everything. Robert Lake’s essay “An Indian Father’s Plea” says: “As his first introduction to his world, he was bound to his mother and mother earth in a traditional birth ceremony. Since this ceremony he has been continuously attended by his mother, father, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and extended tribal family were taken care of. All this was done to properly introduce him to the new and natural world, not the world of artifice, and to protest against his sensitive and delicate soul. These statements suggest that the mother goes on to say how she protects her child by calling his traditional Indian baby basket his “tortoise shell”. In my opinion, all mothers are overprotective and sensitive towards their own children, which is a normal reaction. Family values ​​are a important part of your culture, they bring protection and the feeling of knowing that you are loved by more people.

In conclusion, my personal experience was in the ninth grade, my ninth grade teacher didn’t like African Americans because she felt I “didn’t try hard enough” that she started to treat all people of color. different that I noticed around me. Not to mention the class was A.V.I.D college prep so we talked about different topics to get to know each other and she still refused to be an open minded person. This situation not only affected me, there was another person of color in the room, but I and the others were uncomfortable and inactive in the issues while I was experiencing this kind of treatment. Family and heritage influence one’s outlook both from the perspective of the world and from the perspective of others. Before a person is released into the real world after being under protection for so long, people see new things that they are not used to and tend to judge.

There are many cultural aspects that affect not only the way we look at others, but also the way we interact with other people. Culture is a strong part of a person’s life because it determines their attitudes and values. The way individuals grow up in their culture can easily be traced through their adult lives.

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Solution: Relationship Between Language Culture And How Language And Culture Influence Identity Lci

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Culture is a powerful tool that affects various aspects of human life. However, its impact on interpersonal relationships is profound. Zimmerman (2015) defines culture as “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and art” (p. 2). These definitions show that culture has a strong influence on people’s attitudes and behaviors. Conversely, these attitudes and behaviors affect people’s perceptions of love and intimacy. In fact, people around the world have different perceptions of love and relationships. For example, the relationship between mothers and their daughters often varies in different cultures. Similarly, the relationships between fathers and their sons vary in the same way.

Understanding cultural variations and their impact on interpersonal relationships is interesting in today’s society as various minority groups struggle to find their identity in today’s complex modern society. This study argues that culture is the key to understanding people’s different perceptions of love and intimacy. It goes on to say that human relationships are products of cultural perception. In this way, this paper suggests that cultural differences explain variations in intimacy and interpersonal relationships.

How Does Culture Affect Society

These insights come from an assessment of the role of culture in influencing people’s attitudes and beliefs about love, sex and intimacy. Because culture is diverse, the focus of this study is on people’s social habits as the main cultural principle that influences interpersonal interaction. In this way, we exclude other aspects of culture, such as cuisine, language, music and art (based on the characteristics of culture as defined by Zimmermann, 2015). However, before going into details about this paper, it is important to understand the theoretical background of this topic.

When considering the role of culture in human relationships, it is important to explore the triangular theory of love, as explained by psychologist Robert Sternberg (cited in Sternberg and Weiss, 2006), because he explored this topic when he explained the role of love. and intimate relationships. According to Yiu (2015), the triangular theory of love has three main components – intimacy, passion and commitment. These different types of love develop through different stages that show the evolution of love through the no-love stage, the sympathy/friendship stage, the infatuation stage, the “empty love” stage, the romantic stage, the ‘Mercy stage, include the lying stage. , and the perfect stage (Sternberg & Weis, 2006). Therefore, variation in one of the three components of love translates as variation in love. However, a significant criticism of this theory is the failure of Sternberg and Weiss (2006) to explain when the different stages of love begin.

In an unrelated sphere of analysis, some researchers believe that self-disclosure is an important part of understanding human relationships (Marshall, 2008; Iiu, 2015). Although most of them believe that it is an important aspect to understand relationships in Western culture, some researchers believe that other aspects of relationships, such as empathy, support and affection, are more important for the nature of intimacy and understanding love and human relationships ( Zimmermann,

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