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How Does Bullying Affect Society

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How Does Bullying Affect Society – Bullying can occur at work, school, home and/or other social settings. Research on bullying focuses primarily on its effects on those who witness it. For example, Bullying Stop Bullying (2014) states that bullying affects people’s creativity levels, lowers morale, can cause accidents, affects moral and ethical judgment, and/or affects the abilities It affects people in terms of their talents and prevents them from realizing their full potential.

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How Does Bullying Affect Society

Forero, McLellan, Rissel, and Bauman (2009) confirm that bullying includes sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical torture, and psychological torture. Children cannot go to school has consequences. In addition to reducing worker productivity, people view others as objects. Typical examples of global bullies include Hitler and Stalin. The effects of bullying on society have not been well studied. For this reason, this paper argues against conducting a mixed research study on the consequences of bullying.

Bullying Has No Color: Cooper, Zaa Vonah, Ashmon, Zoie, Studios, Vobi: 9780578658728: Amazon.com: Books

Incidents of abuse are common in administrative centers and even in educational institutions that accommodate people from diverse backgrounds. To overcome the challenges of bullying, it is important to determine how society views the problem in order to formulate possible solutions to solve the specific problems associated with it.

Without this plan, any solution to overcoming bullying lacks validity and credibility. Students in schools and employees in their workplaces need a suitable environment not only to talk but also to participate in group work to lead a productive life. Bullying leaders may interfere with this expectation, thereby requiring the known concrete effects of bullying in social settings to facilitate the development of appropriate policies to manage it.

The purpose of any research is to determine what its main purpose is to achieve. The proposed research identifies the effects of bullying in schools, homes and workplaces. This information helps to formulate policies for its management in these social settings.

The primary goal of the proposed research includes investigating the effects of bullying in schools, homes and workplaces. This paper conducts primary and intensive secondary research on the same question. Secondary research is vital in creating a background for the research that helps determine the validity of the proposed research problem and methodology.

How Does Bullying Affect Mental Health

This section seeks to ensure that primary research does not rely on quantitative and qualitative data analysis and research methods that do not provide any concrete findings to guide policy making to reduce the problem of bullying in the community.

The scope of the proposed research will be on US communities. The focus will be on workplaces, schools and homes. Since it was not possible to collect data from all US states due to time and financial constraints, the focus is only on the state of California. As mentioned in the limitations section, this limited range introduces challenges in generalizing the results.

The proposed study will be important to solve the problem of bullying in society. This will be the basic background for the policy making process for management. Governments and organizations formulate the necessary policies to achieve certain strategic goals and objectives. Trying to solve specific problems that attract public interest requires the formulation and implementation of public policies.

Public policy is an action that the government deems appropriate and/or inappropriate for the people it serves. It consists of a set of goals associated with a set of activities that, when properly implemented, will solve a specific public problem. In the context of the proposed research, bullying is a common problem because of its negative effects on society as shown in the background section.

Empowering Students To Curb Bullying

This study was conducted in the state of California. Consequently, the findings are only applicable to the geographic region. However, since the purpose of the study is to determine the effects of bullying in the United States, it is assumed that the research findings are relevant to other states and counties across the United States.

This statement implies that the research assumes that the findings have internal and external validity because they are generalizable. The method used in qualitative research requires researchers to add significant knowledge to the body of knowledge they are trying to expand in order to achieve a desirable level of validity in their research. This research assumes that its variables are a valid mechanism for measuring the problem of bullying in the state of California.

Based on the assumptions of the research, the generalization of the results is limited. This gap can raise validity and reliability issues. However, an attempt is made to first establish a theoretical background based on a wide range of scientific research in different geographical areas so that the findings established in California can be generalized if correlated with other findings.

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Bullying And Cyberbullying

The theoretical background is drawn from secondary research. Since this research was done in the past, the application of the findings in the geographical area of ​​the current study has limitations. However, preliminary research using quantitative and qualitative data can help resolve this issue.

Reliability – refers to the responsiveness of variables and research findings to the research problem.

Bullying – This element includes any unwanted dominance or aggressive behavior exerted on a person at home, school, work or any other social setting due to a power imbalance. Powerful people usually refer it to less powerful people.

Validity – This term refers to “the best approximation of a true or false proportion” (Rolfe, 2006, p. 307).

Students With Disabilities

Internal validity – this term refers to the degree of truth of the various claims made in the research and the variables present.

External validity – refers to the “degree of generalizability of findings” (Cohen & Crabtree, 2008, p. 333).

Different institutions bring together people from different backgrounds. For example, schools bring together people from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. Such people have different physical, mental and cognitive abilities.

Like schools, workplaces also have people with different abilities. In families, different members of the nuclear or extended family have different control powers. Regardless of the institution, individuals can use their power inappropriately to bully those who have less power than they can control or influence.

Cyberbullying And The Challenges To Youth Mental Health

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Bullying deprives people of their rights to equality and equity in terms of participation in social processes. Equality refers to a state of relations in a society or even isolated groups of people who have equal status in some respects. Social equality refers to having equal rights in property rights, freedom of expression, equal access to social goods and public services, community rights and voting rights.

Equity refers to welfare neutrality, public safety fairness, and fiscal fairness (Thorvaldur & Zoega, 2011). When bullies are present in organizations, schools, or homes, less powerful people feel inferior to the people who control their lives. As a result, victims of harassment are denied justice and equal rights.

Bullying prevents organizations from embracing the gains of diversity, especially when it exists along racial, ethnic, or gender demographic lines. Diversity refers to the differences found among people in an organization, such as different religious and moral beliefs. It also includes age-related occupational and ability differences among people of different genders, ethnic origins, racial backgrounds, gender, and other characteristics.

Pdf) Exploring The Effects Of Bullying On Primary School Pupils In South Africa

People have the right to access quality public goods. Living in a society free from persecution means preventing the violation of people’s freedom (Hudson, 2009). Rights apply without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Bullying is experienced when a person dominates another person with a sense of superiority or exerts a similar influence on their decision-making process.

Although these acts may seem simple, some forms of discrimination can lead to psychological torture or harassment. Discriminatory practices are those that differentiate the quality of public goods such as health care and education based on characteristics such as ethnicity, race, gender, disability, sex, age, and nationality. The private sector may also investigate discriminatory practices.

For example, a fast food establishment may be considered discriminatory practices if it offers different dining areas for people of different ethnic backgrounds. Also, if it wants to provide different quality of food and services to such people, it can show segregation. In this way, some people decide where to sit, what to eat, how fast to eat and the nature of the service provided.

This observation constitutes harassment. Stop Bullying (2014) recommends examining policies that improve equality, diversity and rights in social institutions.

The Staggering Impact Of Homelessness And Bullying

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