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How Does Branding Affect Consumers Purchasing Decisions

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How Does Branding Affect Consumers Purchasing Decisions – The influence of branding on purchasing decisions is immeasurable. Your brand is the public face of your product, your company and your corporate identity. What are you anyway? What are your values? Your brand says it all. The way you present your brand to the public affects the consumer’s purchasing decision in many ways, but there are a few key areas where this influence is most significant. Let’s take a closer look at them to help you better shape your brand to drive those important purchasing decisions that are the lifeblood of your business.

According to market research, about sixty percent of all consumers prefer to buy products from well-known brands that they recognize from advertising in marketing channels such as television and Internet advertising. This tendency to “use what you know” is why building a trusted brand that has instant recognition is so critical. Without knowledge of the brand and its products, consumers are much less likely to make a purchase decision.

How Does Branding Affect Consumers Purchasing Decisions

Why they lack confidence that the product will meet expectations. They don’t recognize the brand and don’t know what to expect. Increasing your marketing reach through TV commercials, product videos and social media is the first step towards building brand awareness and that all-important sense of familiarity.

Definition And Examples Of The Consumer Decision Making Process

The integrity of your products and their ability to meet or exceed customer expectations is the foundation for establishing public trust in your brand. Everyone wants to know if this product will do what it says on the box?

If that doesn’t happen, you’ve broken their trust and potentially lost the client’s ongoing business. That’s why twenty-one percent of consumers say they buy new products from brands they like or trust. Consumers want the peace of mind that only comes from knowing they are getting their money’s worth and that your product provides an effective solution to their problems. Your credibility is called into question when you are just starting out or when products do not meet expectations. This is where branding can significantly help inspire a purchase decision.

One method of establishing consumer trust and confidence in the industry is through transparent third-party product testing. This especially applies to children’s toys and other products for children. Having direct feedback from real parents who have tested the product themselves directly affects the credibility of your brand.

It’s much easier to inspire a decision to buy children’s toys and games when your customers see a certificate or stamp of approval from a trusted third party. The Parent Tested Seal of Approval (PTPA) is one such indicator of product testing that inspires confidence. Regardless of the industry, there are other third-party organizations that are happy to provide product testing services. With their endorsement and support, your brand develops integrity and credibility, earning the trust of your customers.

How Direct Mail Marketing Influences Purchasing Decisions [infographic]

It’s an old saying, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Your brand’s reputation in customers’ social circles should not be ignored. The better your image and reputation, the more referrals and regular customers you will get. Building a trusted brand allows you to create a dialogue between those who are current customers and those who make purchasing decisions. Although many potential buyers primarily research products online, they still ask their friends and family what they know about certain brands offline.

For example, a recent survey shows that more mothers who buy toys for their children prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores rather than online. The in-store experience allows them to see what other customers are buying and talking about their favorite brands. It is clear that word of mouth still has a significant impact on purchasing decisions.

If you align your brand’s goals and image by leveraging this human connection between customers and prospects, you will find that it is an effective means of making purchasing decisions. Referral coupons, VIP club memberships, and other brand-related programs are great ways to drive word of mouth.

You also have the opportunity to redouble your branding efforts to connect with existing and new customers through social media channels. Creating fresh social media content that showcases your products and showcases your products gets attention. Those who are interested in the product or know someone who might be, lead to the viral equivalent of word of mouth in the Internet age.

New Study Reveals How Brand Conversations Influence Consumer Spending

Social media channels also increase your presence and brand awareness as you appear in followers’ newsfeeds every time you post new content. People start searching for you every time they open the Facebook or Instagram apps on their smartphone and every time they use a web browser to check their social media accounts on their laptop.

The more leads you have, the more likely they are to check out what you have to offer. Along with your hard-earned reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability, over time you begin to see more and more interest in building your product. When it comes time to make a purchase decision, these buyers will see your brand name on the product, recognize you from your ads, social media and word-of-mouth campaigns, and know your reputation. The combined effect will definitely make them choose you over the competition. However, without this branding foundation, they are unlikely to prefer your products over someone else’s.

This is by far the most powerful connection a brand can make with its customers who are making purchasing decisions. Your branding (if properly aligned) assures the customer that they are not just buying a product: they are buying an experience for themselves, another person or a loved one.

Buying a new pet’s first toy isn’t just another online or in-store transaction: it’s a day they’ll remember. The memories of their cat or dog having fun playing with their new cuddly friend will stay with them. A couple buying furniture for their first home doesn’t just fill out an order form, wait three to five days, and unpack boxes. This is a great memory they will cherish. Your brand will become an integral part of these moments. Don’t ignore the power and responsibility your products and brand create for your customers.

How Do Customers Make Purchase Decisions?

Every piece of furniture, every toy, every appliance and every tool that is sold becomes part of their story and yours. Your brand creates an emotional connection of a shared narrative. Television advertising is the most effective medium for this type of branding, and the fact that people remember these ads decades after they aired only proves that fact.

Remember that your image as a trustworthy and reliable person who directly affects their daily lives will have a lasting impact and when they decide it’s time to buy again, they will choose you.

Finally, your brand influences purchasing decisions, how customers perceive your business. Materials sourcing, responsible waste disposal, product testing and safety, manufacturing ethics and practices all affect the products customers choose when making purchasing decisions. With the expansion of the local and handmade market over the last decade, more and more people are holding themselves to the higher standards of the brands that make their favorite products.

If your ethics are publicly called into question for any of your manufacturing or operating practices, many customers (especially parents) will immediately boycott your brand. Overcoming this perception of the irresponsible corporate citizen will require a massive and sustained public relations damage control effort until public anger subsides.

The Consumer Is Changing

Proactive reputation management is critical to branding influence on customers making purchasing decisions. Be public and transparent about your sources, lead industry initiatives that are environmentally friendly and always involve the local community in your future planning and development.

Showing that you’re a brand that cares is what will set you apart and attract customers who are looking for what you have to offer who might not otherwise consider you an option. Conscientious consumers have significant spending power, and failure to align your brand with their ethics will cut you off from a significant potential market.

The way you brand creates a powerful influence on consumer purchasing decisions in countless ways on both the micro and macro scales. If you want to drive growth and continue to grow your business, you need to make sure your brand is aligned to present an inspiring image that is trustworthy and authoritative. Combined with a great product and great service, you have an almost unstoppable trifecta of success. If you haven’t already done so, review your branding plan and spend some time refining your image to encourage your target customers to make a purchase decision. The growth and progress it will bring is nothing short of incredible. Entering the market is easy, but being consistent in your performance is a difficult task. Honestly, not for everyone. In this article, we will discuss the impact of branding on consumer behavior.

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