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How Does Bankruptcy Affect Divorce

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect Divorce – Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision that you may not want to share with anyone (other than your attorney). It is not surprising that you may be tempted to file for bankruptcy without your spouse if they are unaware of your financial difficulties. But before you exclude your partner from this important decision, there are a few things you should know.

When you file for bankruptcy, you are required to list your spouse’s income even if they do not file it with you. Therefore, you must obtain proof of your partner’s income, such as salary slips, tax returns and possibly bank statements. This information will be used to determine the type of bankruptcy you can file.

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Divorce

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called liquidation bankruptcy, involves a court-appointed trustee selling your property to pay your debts. You must pass a means test to file for Chapter 7, which means comparing your income to your expenses and family size to qualify.

How Defendants May Use Bankruptcy To Avoid Paying Judgments

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves entering into a repayment plan with your creditors over 3 to 5 years. To qualify for Chapter 13, your spouse’s income must be this amount

As you can see, in both cases both incomes are used to check eligibility, even though they are linked to filing as an individual. If your spouse’s income puts you above the threshold for filing Chapter 7, you may need to file Chapter 13 instead.

Each state has different laws regarding marital property and debt. But you can divide all states into two categories: common property states and common law states. Knowing which system your state uses can change your bankruptcy plans.

In community property states, any property you acquire during the marriage belongs to both spouses. Property you bring into marriage or receive as a gift or inheritance usually remains yours. Everything else belongs to each partner equally.

Things To Know About Divorce & Bankruptcy In California

In community property states, if one spouse files for bankruptcy, all of your assets—even assets that your spouse purchased—can become part of the bankruptcy estate. It can then be confiscated by the executor and sold to pay off your debt.

In common law states, assets purchased by a spouse usually belong only to that spouse. Usually this doesn’t just happen when property – such as a car or house – is listed in the names of both partners.

Only property owned by the spouse who files separately, as well as their interests in joint ownership, can be included in the bankruptcy estate.

Marrying someone doesn’t mean you automatically take on their financial responsibilities. In most situations, any loan taken out in the name of only one spouse remains the responsibility of that spouse. Therefore, if the spouse filing for bankruptcy is the applicable party, his or her spouse should not be affected by the bankruptcy petition.

What Happens When Spouse Files Bankruptcy During Divorce

However, this may not be true if one partner goes into debt to buy necessities. In some cases, both partners can be responsible if one of them takes up debt to cover joint needs such as housing. Additionally, if you are in a community property state, creditors may be able to begin collecting on the non-filing spouse, depending on state law.

Protects the non-filing spouse, as both spouses owe money to creditors. If your non-filing spouse’s name is on the debt, your creditor can legally sue your non-filing spouse to pay the entire outstanding debt.

Take a credit card. Many credit cards offer three levels of users: joint account holders, additional account holders and authorized users. The terms of the agreement describe the roles and responsibilities of each player:

However, if you are concerned that the bankruptcy will not appear correctly on your spouse’s credit score if they are an authorized user on your account, you may want to remove it before filing.

What Is Bifurcation In A Divorce Proceeding?

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court selects the property (called non-exempt property) that goes into the bankruptcy estate. An estate includes your personal (and possibly community) property. Then, a court-appointed receiver sells the assets and uses the proceeds to pay the remaining debt to your creditors.

Depending on the state and its laws, your spouse may know about your bankruptcy during the court-ordered sale.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you enter a partial repayment plan over 3 to 5 years. This method can protect your spouse with a “code debtor stay,” which is a special protection that prevents the lender from going after your spouse as long as you make payments.

However, your individual bankruptcy does not remove your spouse’s obligation to pay off personal or joint debts that are not included in the bankruptcy judgment.

Bankruptcy And Divorce

Under federal law, you may be able to file for bankruptcy without your spouse. Your interactions with an attorney are covered by attorney-client confidentiality, but there are some ways your spouse may still need to be involved. Chances are, your partner probably knows—even if you don’t tell them.

To get started, you must include their financial information on the bankruptcy form when you file. And depending on the state you’re in, you may lose your home, vehicles or other assets to repay the lender.

Additionally, if you’ve taken on certain combined debts, such as a mortgage or credit cards, the bankruptcy filing may appear on both of your credit reports, which will affect both of your credit scores. Filing without a spouse also doesn’t mean creditors can’t come after them to pay certain debts. This applies even if the court settles the debt in your name and removes your personal responsibility for the debt.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you seek legal assistance from a trusted Mississippi bankruptcy attorney. Schedule a consultation with us today to find out how we can help.

Divorce And Bankruptcy

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© Copyright Rollins Advokatfirma – All rights reserved. | Supported by Advantage Attorney Marketing & Cloud Solutions When experiencing separation from a partner, the emotional health of each partner must be the focus. Unfortunately, trying to get a divorce while still struggling with debt can seem almost impossible.

Fortunately, filing bankruptcy while separated can relieve debt and in many cases make separation or divorce easier and less painful.

If My Ex Declares Bankruptcy, How Will It Affect Me?

Attempting a temporary separation and filing for a separation are two different things, and couples should be aware of how each option affects their chances of getting debt relief.

A trial separation is usually associated with a couple breaking up a marriage but still hoping to get back together one day. This may mean that a couple voluntarily spend time apart or simply move to another room in the house. This is usually a private agreement between two people. Legal documentation is not required.

Because this separation is not legally recognized, the court will still consider the couple married if bankruptcy is filed. Standard rules for couples applying together or separately will apply. You can find more information about filing while married by consulting a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in debt relief.

California offers legal separation as an alternative to divorce. Legal separation may be the best option for couples who are still tied to financial issues or concerned about child care. Partners may admit that they have not been able to separate financial and familial ties.

How Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affect A Co Signer?

Filing for separation can put a couple in a safer position than an informal separation. Courts are brought in to determine each spouse’s financial responsibility. The court divides property and assets.

The couple are still married, but they want formal assistance from the court to separate finances and assets and determine child support and custody. The court’s job is to divide finances and responsibility, and this can make the bankruptcy petition easier.

You are allowed to file for bankruptcy while you are legally separated. Whether bankruptcy will solve your debt problems is another question.

Although filing for bankruptcy alone usually involves your own debts and assets, debts you share with your spouse may not be able to be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How Does Divorve Affect My Bankruptcy Case?

Also, you can get relief from your joint debt to creditors, but if your partner does not join the application, he or she can suddenly be the target of the debt. Creditors who can no longer interfere with your settlement payments are not barred from pursuing your spouse.

Another benefit you enjoy if you file while legally separated and living separately is that you have a better chance of passing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test.

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